This Cop Keeps Arresting Women’s Attention for Being Ryan Gosling’s Replica

This Cop Keeps Arresting Women’s Attention for Being Ryan Gosling’s Replica

Look up the word ‘heartthrob’ in the dictionary, and if it does now show you a picture of Ryan Gosling, then the dictionary is cursed, and you must get away from it. The actor, who has been on the big screen since his teenage days with his pearly blue eyes and a bone structure carved by the Superior’s hands himself, is unanimously agreed to be everyone’s dream man, so much so that any statement hinting at him, not being one causes an outbreak. Moreover, he found the role that would forever cement his position as a phenomenal actor in the romance masterpiece The Notebook, where he stole hearts by portraying a passionate lover.

And this really worked in favor of him becoming Hollywood’s sweetheart. Moreover, Ryan Gosling is also so confident in himself that he doesn’t need a title like the ‘Sexiest Man Alive’ for validation. But what if we tell you he is not the only one? That there is someone both as good-looking and confident as him?

Ryan Gosling has an Australian twin

In 2013, when DNA testing was not as advanced as it is today, fans were already sure that Ryan Gosling had a lost twin in Australia. Reason? Ocean blue eyes, muscular body, brown hair, and a snatched face structure. The actor has a look-alike of Suffolk heritage living in Perth, Australia, named Grant Hazell.

However, Hazell cannot be arrested for his good looks because he himself is a cop who very much disagrees with Gosling’s behavior in The Place Beyond the Pines. Gosling’s look-alike told The Sun in late 2013 that the only way he knows about this blessing is thanks to several women who absolutely refuse to believe that he is a cop and not a Golden Globes-winning actor.

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[One] told me she had seen all my movies and that she was in love with me. ” Hazell said. This was the then 35-year-old Hazell decided to quit his position as an officer and become a model.

The former cop got in contact with a celebrity lookalike company that brings him a good $800 per gig. Despite his top Hollywood actor looks, Hazel is very down to earth. “I’m lucky that it comes quite naturally,” and further added, “I frown a lot, which helps.” While it is unclear whether Gosling has heard of his lost twin, Hazell has called the actor “a cool guy.” A privilege that someone who looks like him can afford.

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