“They’re both insomniacs”: ‘Along for the Ride’ Actors Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli on Their Characters, Falling in Love and More

“They’re both insomniacs”: ‘Along for the Ride’ Actors Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli on Their Characters, Falling in Love and More

Netflix has a plethora of heartwarming romances. If you watch one romantic movie for a day, you’ll easily be able to binge them for a year. But what fuels Netflix’s love for romantic dramas are the books. Netflix loves adapting novels into TV shows or movies. Following the massive success of its young adult novel adaptations, such as Shadow and Bone, The Kissing Booth, and 13 Reasons Why, the streaming giant is riding the young adult book to screen pipeline. And the newest addition to the list of adaptations is Along for the Ride

This film has a relatively new cast. It must be a challenge to portray characters from a book in a movie. So, what did the lead actors of the film have to say about their characters? Let us find out.

Emma Pasarow and Belmont Cameli on Along for the Ride

The Netflix adaption is set in Colby, a tiny seaside town where Auden (played by newcomer Emma Pasarow) is spending the summer before starting college with her father (Dermot Mulroney), stepmother (Kate Bosworth), and infant half-sister.  When Auden can’t sleep and chooses to take a walk around town, she is drawn to Eli (Belmont Cameli), a fascinating kid who is also an insomniac.

So while talking about their midnight escapades in the film, Emma and Belmont share their experience of working in the film and their views on the character.

Emma, who is the newbie in the film industry, points out a particular thing about Auden that she loves the most: She is a lot of things.

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She is a scholar, an academic, and an independent girl. And Emma feels that’s what makes Emma so special because she is “learning that you’re not all one thing.”

For all those who have watched the film know that Eli is a complex character in the movie. His insomnia is a result of his mourning.

And while talking about his mourning state in the film, Belmont talks about how his (Eli’s) love for his BMX bike represents his mental state. He says, “he still can’t help but get on that bike every night.”

When Belmont was asked why did their characters fell in love with each other? He said without any hesitation, “They’re both insomniacs.” The actor explains how by spending more time each night they “hold a mirror” to each other. Their meetings help them to “grow and challenge each other.”

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