“They would really get along together”- When Sadie Sink Compared Her THESE Two Iconic Characters

“They would really get along together”- When Sadie Sink Compared Her THESE Two Iconic Characters

The 20-year-old current global sensation, Sadie Sink, has worked in a plethora of movies and TV shows. While some were the top chartbusters for many consecutive years, others helped the star shape herself for her future endeavors. Two such dynamic characters played by Sadie were Maxine Mayfield from Stranger Things and Ziggy Berman from Fear Streets

While most of us have only been praising her MadMax from the sci-fi thriller series, her Ziggy also had many intriguing sides of her own. In a flurry of interviews, Sink answered some questions last year while giving some thoughtful insights about her personal and professional life. During the conversation, she compared two of the most important characters in her career and shared her opinions about them. Read further to know what it was all about. 

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Sadie Sink on the friendship between Max Mayfield and Ziggy 

During 2021 in the month of June, Sadie answered a total of 21 questions as posed by MTV in an interview. In the course of it, a fan of her recent big hit Stranger Things asked if MadMax and Ziddy would get along with each other. Sink answers that both Max and Ziggy are “fire signs, for sure.

She further elaborated that Max is someone who values friendship a lot and has been loyal throughout. While, on the other hand, Ziggy is someone who just wanted to be understood and heard. Hence, the dynamics perfectly balance the characters and “they would definitely get along,” Sink affirmed. The fan was quite excited about watching Fear Streets and hence wanted to tally the most acclaimed character of the star.

Sadie Sink broke the internet when the Duffer Brothers dropped the fourth season of the show. Particularly in the “Dear Billy” episode, the star reached the peak of her acting skills and stole the entire scene. While the Fear Streets Trilogy had dropped the curtains over, it still remains a Sink masterpiece to binge-watch any day. 

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