“They went straight in my face”: When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed a Crazy Fan Interaction While She Was Out With Noah Schnapp

“They went straight in my face”: When Millie Bobby Brown Revealed a Crazy Fan Interaction While She Was Out With Noah Schnapp

Ever since the premiere of Stranger Things, Millie Bobby Brown is a household name owing to her amazing performance as the telekinetic teen, Eleven. As more seasons of the Netflix flagship release, Millie’s success keeps elevating. While all the fame and popularity seem great from afar, the star often has to deal with some overly enthusiastic fans. Granted, most of them only want to shower their love and appreciation, but some admirers take it a little too far.

This reminds us of a slightly creepy interaction that the Enola Holmes actress had to endure back in the day. What started as somewhat of an annoying ordeal, Brown’s quickwitted response made the memory a heart-warming tale. Let us tell you what exactly happened.

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Millie Bobby Brown turns the tables on a fan

Back in 2017, Millie Bobby Brown did a cover shoot for Variety while also answering some fun questions. From her favorite movie of the 80s to what she kept as a souvenir from the sets of Stranger Things, the British actress kept everyone entertained with her candor. When asked to pick her “craziest fan interaction, ” Brown revealed that she’s had several “creepy ones.

While on an outing with co-star Noah Schnapp at Six Flags, Milliewas walking up this hill.” Given that they were at a public theme park, she expected fans to come over and ask for a picture. However, as Brown reminisces, “These girls, they just got their camera out and went straight in my face.

Though astonished, the Stranger Things actress did not let the incident bother her. Instead, she gave the girls a taste of their own medicine and “started taking pictures of them.” After the initial shocked reactions from the fans, they requested a hug from the star. Millie, to her credit, agreed to embrace them, making the event a rather sweet one. 

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What did you think of Millie Bobby Brown’s response to her followers? What would you do in her place? Let us know in the comments below. Since season 5 is a long way in the making, why don’t you re-watch older episodes of Stranger Things streaming on Netflix?

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