“That glued my ears” – When Will Smith Opened Up About His Iconic Look From Concussion to Kevin McCarthy

“That glued my ears” – When Will Smith Opened Up About His Iconic Look From Concussion to Kevin McCarthy

Will Smith is a global superstar whose performances are ranked among the best of talents in Hollywood. He is frequently noted as a dynamic artist who played a wide range of roles in movies and shows. From Collateral Beauty to King Richard, he has remained the most likable and relatable actor all these years. The 54-year-old star managed to charm his fans in the 2016 superhero film Suicide Squad, which made a strong debut at the box office.

Today, Smith is one of those actors you just don’t see anymore as he would do anything to bring in originality. One can see his incredible portrayal in biographical dramas like The Pursuit of Happyness and Concussion. Remember when the Oscar-winning star opened up about his iconic look from Concussion to Kevin McCarthy?

Will Smith talked about his transformation to Dr. Bennet Omalu with Kevin McCarthy

In 2015, Will Smith sat down with Fox 5’s entertainment reporter, Kevin McCarthy, to talk about his movie Concussion. During the interview, the film critic asked the actor how he changed himself to embody the character of Dr. Bennet Omalu.

In his response to the answer, the hip-hop star stated that he observed the forensic pathologist. He spent time with the real-life figure and the makeover did the rest of it. “We had the prosthetics that glued my ears back so that you know,” explained the Grammy-winning singer.

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He added that the makeup team made hairline adjustment on the front for resemblance. While they also talked about how sports play an important role in kids’ life because the movie depicts that football leads to brain degeneration in players. Explaining the viewpoint of Concussion, Smith said it depends on the families and how they understand the scientific reality of all this.

Currently, Will Smith is promoting his new movie Emancipation, scheduled for release on December 9. In a recent post, shared by Kevin McCarthy on Twitter, the actor addressed fans who are not ready to watch his work after the Oscar incident. Therefore, the blockbuster star urged viewers to not penalize his team for his actions.

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