“They are inherently false” – Right Before the World Cup, Qatar’s Campaign Chief Expresses Frustration Over Netflix’s ‘FIFA Uncovered’

“They are inherently false” – Right Before the World Cup, Qatar’s Campaign Chief Expresses Frustration Over Netflix’s ‘FIFA Uncovered’

Fifa World Cup 2022, one of the most auspicious sports events, is all set to start in Qatar. People from all over the world are eager and excited to see their favorite countries face each other in what is the most prominent competition in football. Players from thirty-two countries are gearing up to become the best country in football. To capitalize on the football fever spread around the world, Netflix decided to release a documentary on the same that upset the people of the host country, Qatar.

Netflix recently released a documentary ‘FIFA Uncovered’ that digs deeper into the world of football and explores the unknown. The show takes the audience into FIFA’s history and reveals some big secrets about the powers that influence the world of football. Creators have made some questionable claims in the documentary about the host country that upset a lot of Qataris, including the Campaign Chief.

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Qatar’s Campaign Chief reacts to the claims made by Netflix’s FIFA Uncovered

Produced by John Battsek and Miles Coleman, Netflix’s latest release FIFA Uncovered made some very shocking claims. Spanning over four episodes, the Netflix original comprises interviews with a lot of football greats. Whistleblower Phaedra Almajid revealed that Qatar offered money for votes to win the rights to host the world cup.

She even added that she was in the hotel in Angola during Qatar’s bid campaign. Almajid claimed that various voting members were offered money, and she witnessed it live. She was a member of media relations team but was fired later.

However, in response to her claims, Qatar’s campaign chief Hassan Al-Thawadi revealed that he was frustrated on the situation and challenged the claims. Thawadi spoke, “They are inherently false and there are facts on the ground that prove they are false.”

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FIFA Uncovered has gained decent popularity. Moreover, the show’s timing is impeccable as it made its way to the platform only a few weeks before the World Cup.

Have you streamed the docuseries yet? What are your thoughts on the issue? Feel free to let us know in the comments below.

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