These Squid Game Memes Are Gifts to the Global Sensation’s Fans

These Squid Game Memes Are Gifts to the Global Sensation’s Fans

Squid Game today is a phenomenon and a worldwide known name. Still maintaining its top position in the list of trending shows on Netflix, this Korean series is breaking charts and bending hearts. With its unique plot combined with mystery and thrill, fans are going fanatic for the show.

Squid Game is taking all over the internet for everything it has to offer – the artistic set, vibrant costumes, deadly children’s games, and much more. So, the meme fest is also on. Find below some cherrypicked Squid Game memes from the bestest ones.

Squid Game memes are running wildly online as the show became more than a runaway hit for Netflix. According to NBC News, the hashtag for the series has been viewed more than 22.8 billion times on TikTok. Moreover, Squid Game is well on the way to becoming Netflix’s biggest non-English language show.

So, until we wait for season 2, let’s enjoy these memes coming from all over the world.

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This robo-doll appears to be the most harmless innocent face, but we know what she does in the game. Green Light, Red Light came as a shocker that none of us were expecting.

Well, even when Instagram, Facebook, and Whatsapp went down, Squid Game was leading the meme show. And of course, Twitter was having its share of fun.

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There’s something for corporate employees too. Squid Game memes have not left anyone alone.

No better meme picture can pull out the contrast in Squid Game that this one does.

Gi-hun was contantly obsessing over Sang-woo’s education and intelligence until he realised his true intentions.

Do you like giving away spoilers for fun? That’s no fun for the person avoiding them.

Hold your heart! You might cry on this one.

Squid Game is not a child’s play. Or is it just a child’s play?

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Any SpongeBob fans here?

One for mental health too. How are you all doing after watching Squid Game?

Did you also make a Squid Game meme? Let us know which one you found the best?

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