These Singles Left Love Is Blind Without Finding Love, but With So Much More

These Singles Left Love Is Blind Without Finding Love, but With So Much More

When the Love is Blind season 2 trailer dropped, fans of the show loved the diverse contestants. The show was not just riddled with tall sexy blond women but had women of different ethnicities and different sizes. Fans of the show dropped encouraging comments on these women’s social media handles. Thus, after the show ended, viewers were curious to know what happened to those Love is Blind singles, who didn’t find their one in the show. 

Hope learned to take second chances 

33-year-old Hope Antoniello is too old to believe in fairy tales, but she can’t help but want a Hollywood type of romance. After trying out various dating sites and apps, and failing to find her prince charming, she decided to take a chance with Love Is Blind. At five feet two, Hope displayed much more confidence than most other contestants on the show.

In an interview, she emphasized that looks don’t matter, the person you are on the inside does. Growing up in a big happy family, Hope wanted a man who would value family as she does. And she found her man in Salamone, but they didn’t make it to the altar. As disappointing as it is, Hope expressed that she has learned to take things slow. Love doesn’t happen at first sight—it takes time and several dates.

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Mickale loves her curves more than ever 

Seeing a curvy woman on screen, especially on a dating show like Love Is Blind was a breath of fresh air for many fans. Chassidy Mickale mentioned how she wasn’t a “toothpick” and went to the show because she thought it would be good to see women like her.

Mickale is thankful not so much for the romance on the show but for boosting her confidence and making her love herself more. She is a “woman of detail” now who is a glam expert and a successful businesswoman. 

Love is blind was an emotional journey for Faheem 

Juhie Faheem, the only Muslim on the show, took a bold step when she decided to be on the show. Not one for the hookup culture, she came here to find a meaningful connection with someone who shared the same values as her. At the end of the journey, Faheem realized that she had been too hard on herself.

We certainly root for these wonderful women to find the love they deserve and want. What were your thoughts on Hope, Mickale, and Faheem as you streamed Love is Blind on Netflix? Share them with us in the comments below.

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