THESE Ryan Gosling Trademark Screams Deserve Oscars for Being ‘Pitch Perfect’

THESE Ryan Gosling Trademark Screams Deserve Oscars for Being ‘Pitch Perfect’

Ryan Gosling has been acting for decades now. The actor delivers every performance with such finesse that fans are ready to scream until he gets the Oscar he deserves. Speaking of screams and Oscars, Ryan Gosling, the man who does not need dialogue to act, also deserves an Oscar for his pitch-perfect scream. Often in the magical world of cinema, we come across actors with such a grasp over their craft that they merely need to utter a word to be understood. And Ryan Gosling’s iconic scream is a prime example.

Gosling is considered to be a subtle performer. Someone who can lead to an ever-growing onslaught of mental breakdowns with just a nod. Many believe that the eyes are one of the most important factors when it comes to acting. However, Gosling is a step ahead in the sense that he does not even need to use his eyes. His pitch-perfect screaming does all the acting.

Ryan Gosling brings back his trademark scream

Fans were first acquainted with his flagship scream in 2016 when he did the neo-noir action comedy alongside Russell Crowe. The viewers gave Gosling’s top-notch acting skills the credit first. However, it was clear later on that it was just how Gosling screams. Therefore, it would be almost criminal for Ryan Gosling to not use it in his “ultimate” role. The perfect pitch is where Ryan Gosling the actor and Ryan Gosling the funny and awkward human meet.

The Nice Guys provided us with enough screams to make multiple compilations. However, it is when fans realized that the actor is also going to be screaming in Greta Gerwig’s upcoming Barbie, they could not keep calm. Gosling screaming in a movie is almost the equivalent of him taking his shirt off.

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And in this movie, he is doing both. Amidst photos of Gosling dressed in neon attire with his abs on display breaking the Internet, fans were also blessed with the actor screaming for a scene. And the fact that Gosling’s scream is a replica of Ken’s scream as witnessed in Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse just adds to the actor being the perfect Ken.

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