“There was never a deal…” – James Gunn Shots Down Any Residual Conspiracies Regarding Henry Cavill’s DCU Exit

“There was never a deal…” – James Gunn Shots Down Any Residual Conspiracies Regarding Henry Cavill’s DCU Exit

Not only the DC Studios but also the actors associated with it are going through a major change in their careers. One of them is Henry Cavill, who portrayed Superman and became a fan favorite instantly. As soon as the news came about not continuing the story of the character with the British actor, fans from all over the world became extremely sad. They expressed their anger and disappointment through different social media platforms.

While James Gunn and Peter Safran have their own visions to take the legacy of the DC Comics character forward, axing Man of Steel and Superman with The Witcher star made the fandom disappointed. Gunn has frequently interacted with fans, giving them the justifications they need. However, this time the new DC boss revealed the truth about letting Cavill go.

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The truth behind axing Henry Cavill and his Superman

While the news of not continuing with some of the major fan-favorite DC comic characters’ stories ignited a huge flame, James Gunn revealed a new plan for the DC Studios. He clarified that The Tudors actor was never fired. Stressing the fact that the two actors, namely Ben Affleck and Henry Cavill, were not a part of the upcoming projects, James Gunn spoke the truth, reported by Screen Rant.

“Henry was just not hired to be Superman in the Superman movie. There was never a deal there for another movie,” said James Gunn. When Cavill left the DC universe, he also wished the best for the upcoming projects of the new DC bosses. While recently, when Gunn was announcing his future vision and upcoming projects, he cleared the misunderstanding the fandom had.

Though the Superman actor has kept the iconic cape aside, Gunn is ready to give it a new face in 2025. The DCU reboot will see Superman: Legacy, the DCU installment in the upcoming years.

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While Gunn is still working on the script, what are your thoughts about the same? Share your feelings about the new Superman and your expectations from it in the comment box below.

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