“There can be dignity in death”: ‘The Sandman’ Star Kirby Howell Baptise Shares Her Experience of Playing Death

“There can be dignity in death”: ‘The Sandman’ Star Kirby Howell Baptise Shares Her Experience of Playing Death

Neil Gaiman’s A-grade mystical masterpiece The Sandman was recently adapted as a series by Netflix. Fans were skeptical if any production would be able to match the level of brilliance that the comic book had. But Netflix exceeded all our expectations. The series revolves around the six Eternal D’s: Destiny, Dream, Destruction, Desire, Despair, and Delirium. Furthermore, playing these magnificent characters is a star-studded cast consisting of Tom Sturridge (The Boat That Rocked), Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who), Gwendoline Christie (Game Of Thrones), and the woman of the hour, Kirby Howell-Baptiste (Killing Eve).

In the mystical series, Kirby Howell-Baptiste plays the role of Death. Contrary to the darkness surrounding her character, she makes it look sweet, warm, and welcoming. Speaking to Lawrence, she talked about what the role means to her. And what she tried to convey through her performance.

Kirby Howell-Baptiste on what Death means to her

Going in, Kirby knew that the role was not going to be easy. Everything associated with death is considered scary and brutal. However, her version of Death in Netflix’s The Sandman gives out a warm smile to those who are leaving the world. The actress talked about how her friend’s mother is a hospice personnel and learned a bit about the preparation that goes in.

Apart from the technicalities, there is one thing that the actress says that she will take with her throughout her lifetime: “There is dignity in death,” as admitted by Kirby in a Tudum interview. These words from her friend’s mother are what shaped her approach to her character. Kirby as Death is lovely, gentle, and welcoming. We are sure that she has many prestigious awards coming her way.

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Death in The Sandman talks about the toughest death

While there were a lot of tragic deaths in The Sandman, according to Kirby Howell-Baptiste the one death that affected her the most was of the man with a violin. She talked about how devastated she felt while filming the scene where she had to take the man away from his family. Furthermore, she even described it as the most difficult day on set for her. The fact that she plays the character Death definitely takes a lot out of her emotionally.

The brilliant actress talked about how she recently lost her dear grandmother, which while painful also gives her immense power. She applauded the writer for writing a character so powerful that it is comforting to people who have lost a dear one. Make sure to check out Kirby’s phenomenal performance in The Sandman on Netflix.

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