“Then the American’s all in the mouth” – Millie Bobby Brown Takes a Moment to Flaunt Different Accents With Drew Barrymore

“Then the American’s all in the mouth” – Millie Bobby Brown Takes a Moment to Flaunt Different Accents With Drew Barrymore

It is no secret that Millie Bobby Brown is a treasure trove of talent. Ever since her first foray into acting, the child star has been winning hearts all over the world. Today, with a diverse portfolio of accomplished and upcoming projects under her belt, she is one of the most sought-after actresses of our generation.

Born in Spain, Millie Bobby Brown grew up in England and usually talks with a distinct British accent. However, her move to the States and her varied roles have allegedly led to the fading of her original accent. Nevertheless, the variety in her characters and her keen sense of observation has also made the young actress skilled in different accents. 

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Millie Bobby Brown shows off her accent proficiency

Recently, the Stranger Things star was a guest on The Drew Barrymore Show. Among other things, the two actresses had a fun conversation about accents. Referring to Brown’s latest film Enola Holmes 2, Barrymore revealed that she too had to incorporate an English accent twice in her career. One of them was for her 1998 film Ever After, when the veteran actor had imbibed “more of a Royal pronunciation.”

When asked about her Achilles’ heel in the world of accents, Brown first took a moment to drop some of her accent knowledge for Barrymore and the viewers. As she explained the tricks to nailing the tone and technique, she even did a little performance, exhibiting her grasp at various accents.

Basically, the Australian accent can go really far back in your throat, and then the English accent’s like middle, and then the American’s all in the mouth. And, it’s all very, like easy going,” shared the Godzilla vs Kong star.

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Brown further revealed how there are “certain English accents” that stump and intimidate her. She narrated how her father, who hails from the countryside in England, has a peculiar accent. While he doesn’t talk like an English farmer, it is his way of talking that Brown has a hard time imitating. We already know that the Enola Holmes actress does a very convincing American accent equipped with a quintessential twang.

Hopefully, we will soon get to see her articulate some of her other accents in her upcoming projects. Which other accents do you think Millie Bobby Brown should try next? Let us know in the comments. In the meantime, you can watch Enola Holmes 2 streaming on Netflix.

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