“Then Blake shows up..” – When Ryan Reynolds Revealed How His Pregnant Wife Unintentionally Took the Limelight

“Then Blake shows up..” – When Ryan Reynolds Revealed How His Pregnant Wife Unintentionally Took the Limelight

The Vancouver-born star is known for his hysterical banter and entertaining comment on social media. We all have seen him giving funny parenting tips and annoying his friends with never-ending trails of tweets. One can say that it is impossible to overlook his satirical style as Ryan Reynolds is all about that humor jazz. While the funniest part people might have not given a thought to is that he is as handsome as funny when he showed off his abs on the cover page of People magazine. Also, the Deadpool star won the title of the “sexiest man alive” in 2010. But there is someone who still overshadows him in that part as the actor once revealed how his pregnant wife unintentionally took the limelight.

Blake Lively gives Ryan Reynolds tough competition when it comes to captivating looks

In a 2019 interview with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, Ryan Reynolds once spoke about his wife taking all the attention. The host asked Ryan when the last time they met he said that “nothing much” was going on. However, after the premiere, he got the notification that Blake Lively was pregnant with her third baby.

Like always in his classic style, the Free Guy star gave an amusing response saying that he was surprised too. He added that he thought his denim vest who catch the eyes of fans on the red carpet but it turned out exactly the opposite.

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“But then Blake shows up, uninvited, I must add. I thought she’s just been pounding bear. And it turns out she’s like six months pregnant or something,” stated Reynolds.

Safe House star added that Blake’s baby bump became the lead story and google alert news instead of his new vest. Meanwhile, Jimmy showed the picture Ryan’s eldest daughter made for him. Ryan revealed that James is a huge fan of Fallon and she just hides whenever he comes to their home.

Also, he spoke about how she does all the singing and hosts little plays at home because she wants to be an actor. And he tried to tell his five-year-old daughter she can do it when she becomes an adult. What do you think about Ryan Reynolds being this protective daddy? Leave your comments below.

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