The Worst Person in the World: What Is This Oscar Nominated Film About and Where Can You Watch It?

The Worst Person in the World: What Is This Oscar Nominated Film About and Where Can You Watch It?

The Oscar season is here. With the nominations rolling out, we’re seeing a number of fan favorites like Tick, Tick… Boom!, Don’t Look Up and Belfast make it to the Academy Awards nominations list. But, there are a few unexpected names we saw too. Kristen Stewart’s Spencer and the Norwegian film The Worst Person in the World are but two of these. Here’s all you need to know about this dark comedy-drama and its availability on Netflix.

What is The Worst Person in the World about?

How often have you found yourself wondering if the career you chose is the right thing for you? Most of us have these doubts. Some go through with their instincts and make changes, others find comfort in knowing they shouldn’t change things. The protagonist of The Worst Person in the World, Julie, certainly doesn’t belong to the second category.

The story begins with Julie as a medical student. She then has an epiphany that encourages her to take up psychology. What seemed like her final decision was but a decision made in haste. She goes through her gallery and decides to become a photographer. When you might start looking for other aspects of this character’s life that are relatively more stable, you find Julie to be even more fickle-minded.

While out on a date with her first boyfriend, Julie runs into a comic artist 15 years older than her. Despite the age difference, they begin dating. Making things worse, her new partner is just as indecisive as she, if not more. The couple dabbles with writing.

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That amounts to five life-changing decisions in the first ten minutes of the movie. As you might expect from this description, The Worst Person in the World is nothing short of a rollercoaster. It starts out as a comedy and ends up being a real tear-jerker. The film was nominated for an Academy Award in the category of Best International Feature Film. It also made it into the nominees list of Bets Original Screenplay.

Is it on Netflix?

Despite there being an abundance of content in various languages on Netflix, The Worst Person in the World is not available on the platform.

Since the film is gaining massive popularity after its Oscar nomination, it might appear soon. As of now, you can only watch it in theatres. It will most probably be made available on streaming platforms like Hulu and Netflix after this.

Until then, you can check out other films on Netflix that have made it to the Oscars.

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