The Witcher Star Paul Bullion Reveals His Favorite Scene Involving Freya Allan’s Ciri and a Rigorous Task

The Witcher Star Paul Bullion Reveals His Favorite Scene Involving Freya Allan’s Ciri and a Rigorous Task

Season two of The Witcher had a lot of memorable scenes. Fans of the show will undoubtedly remember major moments such as the climactic fight of The Witchers with the Voleth Meir, among dozens of others. So naturally, when a season is full of iconic scenes, the cast also has their own favorites among them. Now we do not know each and every actor’s favorite sequence from the show. But it looks like Paul Bullion‘s favorite shoot in The Witcher was with the Ciri actress Freya Allan.

Want to know which scene it was? Then keep on reading.

Paul Bullion’s favorite scene with Ciri (Freya Allan) from The Witcher

Paul is featured in the new episodes of the Netflix series as Lambert, another witcher which was taught alongside the title character, Geralt of Rivia (Henry Cavill).

Lambert, like his brothers and tutor Vesemir (Kim Bodnia), is an adept fighter with a dry sense of humor that he employs to taunt Princess Ciri (Freya Allan).

Paul, in real life, too, has a great relationship with all of his castmates, including Freya.

Freya’s Ciri and Paul’s Lambert spend a lot of time together in the current season of the show. After Ciri is brought to the home of Witchers, Kaer Morhe, she begins training with Lambert.

The training is extremely rigorous, with Ciri initially failing in them miserably. However, no matter how tough things were onscreen, Paul and Freya were always having fun.

That’s why when Paul was asked about his favorite scene, he nominated the training sequence with Freya at the top.

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He said, “Training Ciri in Episode 3. Freya, you know, kind of challenging. Lambert and testing his authority. And then taking control of the situation.”

The Peaky Blinders star also has a great connection with fellow Witcher actor Yasen Atour, who portrays Coen, stating that when they first met in 2019 while having their lenses fitted, his co-star christened him ‘Lambchop,’ a moniker that has stuck with him ever since.

Did you guys also love the scenes with Ciri and Lambert in The Witcher season 2? Season 3 is currently in production. And who knows maybe we will get more scenes with the actors in upcoming seasons.

The Witcher is currently streaming only on Netflix.

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