‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Gets All The More Magical With New Mages Cast to Quench The Fandom’s Longing For Them

‘The Witcher’ Season 3 Gets All The More Magical With New Mages Cast to Quench The Fandom’s Longing For Them

It is only myths and fables that do not know the limits of possibilities. And the creators of such beyond-the-world narratives are the true magicians. And Andrzej Sapkowski is certainly one of those sorcerers. His pen, a mighty wand, and his thoughts, the fairy-like sparkles. Filled to the brim with mages, dwarfs, monsters, and even monster butchers, The Witcher transcends us to an Alice in Wonderland kind of universe but more gruesome. While seasons one and two focused on creating and exercising the art of sorcery, The Witcher season 3 will be about executing it.

With Ciri aka Freya Allan at the center of all the mayhem and all the magic, they almost wrapped up the shooting of the third outing. However, they still continue to amaze us with some or other magical news and leave us stunned. This time around, we heard more new mages are being recruited at the school of Aretuza. Perhaps, with Thanedd coup hovering on their head, the mazes are reportedly amassing as much as they can. Here is a descriptive list of each one of them, to levitate your excitement even more.

New mages arrive in the world of The Witcher ahead of its season 3

If you are a Witcher nerd, you must be knowing Gerhart of Alle. Yes, the oldest living mage on the continent. Reportedly, Philip Philmar joined the cast to play his role. However, how significant his role would be is something only time will tell. Another beautiful and bubbly mage that arrived at the school of magic is Margarita Laux-Antille (Rochelle Rose), better known as Rita. Apparently, she is a close friend of Tissaia and replaces her as Rectoress of Aretuza. According to the books, she is one of the founding members of the lodge of sorceresses. Her character is constantly upbeat and self-assured, and she will stop at nothing to help her students.

Pretty much like our Yenna, another mage we will get to come across with is Keira Metz. Played by Safiyya Ingar, Keira is a sorceress who will get her hands filthy in order to defend the cause she supports. She was earlier a supporting character in the books. Notably, one of the mages who actively participated in the Thanedd takeover was Artaud Terranova, who plotted with Vilgefortz. The mages of Thanedd Island regard Terranova highly because he is a member of the elite Chapter of Wizards in the books. And to make the series a little more magical, Ryan Hayes is recruited to play his role.

The other mages joining the Thanedd coup are as follows:

  • Michalina Olzsanska as Marti Sodergren: First joining as nothing more than comic relief, she will become the healer of the wounds of front liners in the battle against Nilfgard.
  • Eric Nolan as Dorregrey: There’s always that one person who is fond of creatures and would want to preserve them at any cost. Nolan will reportedly play that exact kind of mage.

  • Poppy Almond as Bianca d’Este: Bianca plays a minor role in the book. She was part of the Brotherhood of sorcerers, who were involved in and later dissolved during the Thanedd Coup.
  • Harvey Quinn as Radcliffe of Oxenfurt: During the Thanedd Coup, Radcliffe was the magician assisting Philippa Eilhart. He assisted Philippa in capturing the traitorous mages before the war erupted. Since Harvey Quinn spent the majority of Thanedd’s filming on location, it is likely that he will play a similar role in the series.

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Are you excited to see these mages in action? Do let us know in the comments below.

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