The Witcher Season 3- Check Out the New Locations and Filming Updates

The Witcher Season 3- Check Out the New Locations and Filming Updates

The beauty of a fantasy TV show lies in its world-building. Now, these fantastical worlds cannot be created in real life. However, their inspiration comes our very own planet, Earth. If you are into the fantastic world of monsters and fighters of The Witcher, you know it has some great on-location shoots. Now with The Witcher Season 3, they are back on location!

The Witcher Season 3 to begin on-location shooting

Andrzej Sapkowski is the brilliant mind behind The Witcher book series on which the Netflix hit show is based. Andrzej was heavily inspired by Europe while writing the books. And has even named characters after real-life European location Montecalvo or Angouleme.

So when the first season of The Witcher started filming on actual on-site locations in Europe, fans were really excited, since they received the much-needed breather from CGIs and green screens. However, for its return in season two, the crew had to depend on the studio and VFX due to quarantine restrictions.

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But for season three, things are looking promising. For its third season, The Witcher crew will film in Italy, Slovenia and Croatia for its third season. Overall, production for season 3 is planned to take about 21-22 weeks, which means that assuming all goes well and there are no unforeseen delays or mishaps, filming should be completed by late July/early August 2022.

What are the new locations, and when will the shooting start

Beginning in early March, filming will take place in the Italian region of South Tyrol (Province of Bolzano) before moving east to Slovenia. Finally, filming will take place in Croatia for roughly ten days, from the end of March to the beginning of April.

All the locations mentioned above will be new to The Witcher. Meaning we will get to see some new places or perhaps even new Continents! Since we will be getting a new Continent, it will mean new monsters. Check out our guide to new monsters that might appear in the new season!

Things are looking really exciting for us fans, so check out the website for more updates on The Witcher season 3. Meanwhile, why not watch the beauty of making The Witcher season one and two?

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