The Witcher Season 3 Casting Updates Reveal the Future of Yennefer

The Witcher Season 3 Casting Updates Reveal the Future of Yennefer

The Witcher Season 3 is slowly but steadily taking shape. We honestly cannot for it to happen as soon as possible. The filming for the season is slated to begin soon, and that brings the prospect of castings and auditions into the picture. Of course, it is no secret that we will see a couple of new characters in the third season. However, the recent updates about the auditions and castings reveal an important detail for Yennefer’s future. So, what exactly are these updates? And what do they say about Yen? Let’s find out.

We have previously talked about the speculated character additions in the show. And these reports are looking to be serious confirmation for the same. So, with no further ado, let’s just dive into the world of Sapkowski’s The Witcher.

Safiyya Ingar joins the cast for The Witcher Season 3

As per Redanian Intelligence, Safiyya Ingar is the first cast member to join the clan of Netflix’s The Witcher. Ingar has previously worked on some really interesting projects including Summer of Rockets, Doctors, Faith, and voiced Elga in the RPG game Another Eden: The Cat Beyond Space and Time.

It is believed that Safiyya will portray the role of fearless survivor Milva, as she very well matches the description that Netflix put out for the auditions. The production wanted someone in their mid-twenties to play the role. However, her role is yet to be confirmed, and it is more than possible that she goes on to play a different character. Regardless, we are glad to have her on the show!

Audition clip for The Witcher gives away Yennefer’s fate in the show

Apart from Safiyya, no other actor has been confirmed to join the Netflix Original. However, Redanian Intelligence recently revealed two audition clips from the series that reveal information about The Witcher Season 3. The first audition clip features actor Howard Corlett, and the dialogue he is speaking will easily ring a bell for anyone who has read Time of Contempt.

The scene features Aplegatt, who we already talked about previously. From the clip, we can predict that there will be many deaths in the North. And Aplegatt will be the one who comes across them during his travel. At the same time, he will cross paths with a sorceress who in the books was none other than Yennefer along with Ciri. So, chances are that Yen will indeed be found traveling in the North. However, we do not know whether she will be alone or with her newfound family.

The other clip that Redanian Intelligence shared is not really for any of the characters from The Witcher saga of the Polish author. Hence, it is believed that Naomi Robson’s audition is for a character that has been created just for the Netflix series. You can go check out both the audition clips along with a bonus speculated clip here.

What are your thoughts on these fresh additions to The Witcher Season 3?

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