The Witcher Season 2 Making and Behind the Scenes – Check How the New Season Is Brought to Life

The Witcher Season 2 Making and Behind the Scenes – Check How the New Season Is Brought to Life

Netflix‘s The Witcher has to be one of the most fantastic shows available on the streaming service. The drama, the action, and literally everything about that series is just pure beauty; which makes you think about how did everything in the show came into existence? The Witcher Season 2 is almost here, and we have something that you will absolutely love to watch along with it. The making and behind the scenes of the series.

It was, of course, not a simple task to shoot almost the entire season during a global pandemic. The actors had to go through a lot, and so did the crew. Hence, this season of the show is special for a lot more reasons, as it required extraordinary efforts from everyone associated with the project to make this thing happen. So let’s just dive right into it and look at what went on behind the screen.

The injury, COVID, and Henry’s devotion

While filming the second season of the show, Henry Cavill met with an injury. The actor tore his hamstring while running on the set, but he was really very lucky that it was just a tear. It could have been a rapture and not just a tear, had it been a little bigger; which would have left Cavill in pain, and the shoot delayed.

COVID undoubtedly has been humanity’s biggest foe in recent times, and The Witcher season 2 suffered from it as well. The shooting for the season started in February 2020, and COVID brought the world to a shutdown in the very next month. With Thue Ersted Rasmussen dropping out because of the pandemic, Basil Eidenbenz quickly took the mantle, and he now plays the role of a witcher.

If there is one thing we know about Geralt, it is that he is a dedicated fellow, and so is the actor that plays Geralt. Henry Cavill worked tirelessly in order to be in the best shape possible. He knew well that once the shooting begins, he will have no time for workouts, hence he was already prepared for it.

The Witcher Season 2: fight against a wig and lenses

Do you know how it would feel if a rat was living in your hair? Well, Henry claims he knows a little something about that, as the wig he wears to become Geralt takes a toll on his natural hair. In the first season, it was a bald cap that went between Henry’s head and the wig; which has been replaced with 2 pounds of medical tape and glue.

Did you know that one can actually go blind because of wearing contact lenses? Well, it is true and also something that Cavill’s eye technician warned him about. But the lenses on the show are just exquisite, and it is really hard to not notice such an art. Fun fact: all the lenses on the show are and painted by Christina Patterson.

The CGI, the stunts, and the brilliant set of Kaer Morhen

A show that is set in medieval times, and includes a ton of monsters and creatures, is sure to have a lot of CGI as well. But before everything comes to life on the screen, all the actors see is a couple of people dressed in green costumes hovering over the place. Which sounds funny, looks funny, but is definitely not fun to work with or around.


The show revolves around a monster hunter, hence it features a ton of action as well. Henry Cavill performed all his stunts by himself. I mean, the dude has worked with Tom Cruise; of course, he picked a thing or two about action.

One thing that we are really excited to see in The Witcher Season 2 is Kaer Morhen. Home to the School of the Wolf, and the place where Henry trained and lived, before becoming a witcher. It looks really promising from the clips and images we have seen so far, and that is because they had the beautiful games at their disposal, which worked as a perfect reference for creating the legendary keep at Kaer Morhen.

Are you excited about The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix?

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