‘The Witcher’ Recasts One of the Main Villains for Season 3 and No It’s Not Voleth Meir

‘The Witcher’ Recasts One of the Main Villains for Season 3 and No It’s Not Voleth Meir

Apart from being one of the most viewed shows on Netflix, The Witcher also has a huge ensemble of talented actors. Every actor in the show has been a part of it for a while now. Moreover, the audience is very familiar with them. They have got too used to seeing them in their respective roles. Simply put, the characters are embedded in the minds of the audience. However, it looks like a few changes will take place in the upcoming season of the show.

The third season of The Witcher is forthcoming. According to new reports, a prominent villain who played a crucial role in the previous season will be changed. Everybody wants to know who it is. Well, let’s find out.

The Witcher season 3: Who will replace who?

Season 2 of The Witcher had plenty of action to keep us glued to our screens. A lot happened over the sixteen episodes of the second season. Remember Rience The Fire Mage? Introduced in season 2, Rience was the antagonist hired by his master, the Mage Vilgefortz to hunt down Ciri. Even though we can expect to see more of Rience in the upcoming season of the Fantasy fiction series, he may look a little different. Apparently, Chris Fulton will no longer play Rience The Fire Mage. Taking his place is Golden Girl actor Sam Woolf.

The renowned Witcher fan site Redanian Intelligence reported the same. Although, Fulton discontinuing his role in the series is not out of the equation. Fulton, who plays Sir Philip Crane in the popular drama series Bridgerton, might be shooting for the upcoming season of Bridgerton as well.

With the filming of season 3 underway, the fan site also shared some images of Woolf on the set of The Witcher. But, Woolf and Fulton bear a strange resemblance. The actors share a similar facial structure and physical build. Moreover, the two almost have a minimal difference in their heights.  The pictures from the fan site were taken from some distance so it’s difficult to tell.

However, neither The Witcher franchise nor the actors have confirmed the same.

Season 3 of the series

Two seasons in, The Witcher has the fans waiting desperately for a new one. Previously, Netflix officially confirmed season 3 on Twitter in July.

Not just that, it also gave us some hints about the upcoming season.

For now, there is no confirmation on the release date and the fans will have to wait on that. What are your predictions for season 3 of The Witcher? Do lets us know in the comments below.

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