‘The Witcher’ Gets No Space On Netflix Geeked Week 2022 Roster, But That Is Definitely Not The End Of The World For Fans

‘The Witcher’ Gets No Space On Netflix Geeked Week 2022 Roster, But That Is Definitely Not The End Of The World For Fans

Netflix launched “Geeked Week” last year for entertainment movies and streaming series to talk about their ideas and plans through the online panel. The event is created to signify the upcoming content of popular shows during 5 festive days. The show has once again returned in 2022 for its annual celebration of success. However, there is bad news for The Witcher fans as they haven’t got a seat on the table this season

Why hasn’t Netflix put down The Witcher’s name on Geeked Week’s 2022 list?

Viewers are well aware that The Witcher released its last season in December 2021. Geralt was seen training Princess Ciri of Cintra before so she can protect herself from the wicked world during the season. It ended with several questions about where Geralt, Ciri, and Yennefer are headed to.

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After facing the Deathless Mother, Geralt knows Ciri is no more safe in Kaer Morhen. So, we have got no information about the release of season 3 only that they have entered production. And wouldn’t be wrapping up before September or even later.

So fans cannot expect any new adventures of mages, beasts, and hunters shortly. This is why Netflix has not given The Witcher a place in Geeked Week 2022 since the creators wouldn’t like to spoil things for viewers between shooting. Or we can say they entirely don’t have anything to promote this year about this fantasy series except for the spinoff.

What should viewers know from the teaser of The Witcher: Blood Origin?

The trailer for Blood Origin came out five months ago with characters wielding their shiny swords. The shots arrested the minds of viewers and made them curious as the title directly indicates Netflix’s fabled series The Witcher. Therefore, people now want to know more about its storyline and connection to Geralt’s world.

Unfortunately, the month decided for its release hasn’t turned out positive but Redanian Intelligence has given a hope that the series will hit Netflix on Christmas 2022. But one thing is assured by the teaser of Blood Origin that they will bring terror and deep-seated secrets about The Witcher on stage.

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It will be a while until we see The Witcher on the Geeked Week list. So, all we can do right now is to stream one of these amazing series by the end. Until then, keep Netflixing your favorite content!

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