The Witcher Eyes – the Reasons Behind Their Colors and How Is It Created

The Witcher Eyes – the Reasons Behind Their Colors and How Is It Created

Fan opinions about The Witcher’s objective quality as a show stay conflicted. Despite this, all viewers can agree for a fact that the crew of the show hasn’t done a bad job in terms of costume designing. However, the most remarkable attention to detail the creators of The Witcher have paid to this aspect is the focus on the eyes of the characters.

If there is one thing we can say about The Witcher that applies universally, with no shadow of a doubt is the fact that the show doesn’t miss any attention to detail.

From Borch’s clothes that seem like dragon scales to the fact that Yennefer’s daisies in the flower test at Aretuza are the same ones that were present when she was being bullied- fans have seen time and again how the creators of the Netflix series have made sure they satisfy their eagle-eyed viewers. Another example of this is the close attention they have paid to the eyes of the characters in The Witcher, as they revealed in a video on Netflix’s Tudum.

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Why eyes and eye colors are so important in The Witcher?

From Yennefer’s iconic purple eyes to Geralt’s signature black pupils, the eyes do say a lot in The Witcher. In the case of Yennefer of Vengerberg, the character with the shakiest moral compass on the show, we know how significant it is to see her eye color. Yennefer’s eye color, along with the very obvious physical changes, is the first and most important turn we have seen in the character’s story. This signified her full transformation into a mage of Aretuza.

Similarly, Geralt of Rivia, like any other witcher, changes his eye color when he is in his most powerful form and ready for a good battle. Adding to this is the eye color of the Elves, a race of people that play a highly significant role in the Netflix Original.

With these things in mind, fans now know why the showrunner and creators of The Witcher have made sure they pay attention to this tiny detail. In fact, they hired a lens tech and hand-painted each contact lens.

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