The Witcher Easter Eggs That You Missed in Nightmare of the Wolf

The Witcher Easter Eggs That You Missed in Nightmare of the Wolf

Season 2 of Netflix‘s The Witcher is here, and it is looking promising as ever. Just a few hours ago, they gifted us this gem of a season, and that is the reason many are yet to watch it. If you are one of those people, we have something to give you a little kick-start and a fun ride before you get into the real adventure of the show. Here are some fun witcher Easter eggs from the animated movie, The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf.

The Netflix Original movie was a rather fresh change for the fans of the show, games, and, of course, the books. There were some brilliant parallels, Easter eggs, and hints at how the story goes on in the future. We met a young Vesemir in the movie, the beloved teacher and mentor of Geralt.

A rather arrogant and obsessed Vesemir is what we meet first in the movie, who is just very proud of his ability to earn coins. Everything goes south when the witchers encounter a very determined mage called Tetra, who is hell-bent on killing the witcher kind. They filled the film with amazing action sequences and fascinating creatures; along with that, there is an abundance of Easter eggs for the fans of The Witcher books, games, and, of course, the live-action adaptation.

The Witcher Easter Eggs in Nightmare of the Wolf

There was this one scene from The Witcher Season 1 that none of us can get out of our minds, the infamous bath scene of Geralt. In Nightmare of the Wolf, we see Vesemir in a similar tub as he enjoys his bath. Geralt was never good at handling the local public, as everyone despised his kind. Well, turns out, his mentor also was not good with local confrontations.

The movie also has a scene where Vesemir aligns himself with the beautiful mage Titra, in a rather flirty battle against a basilisk; the same way Geralt and Yennefer did during the dragon hunt. Even though these scenes result in different circumstances, it is still interesting to notice these similarities between the movie and the show.

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