‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Hints at ‘The Witcher’ Reboot, Kicking Out Henry Cavill From the Franchise Forever

‘The Witcher: Blood Origin’ Hints at ‘The Witcher’ Reboot, Kicking Out Henry Cavill From the Franchise Forever

Henry Cavill’s exit from The Witcher has perhaps caused enough drama for the showrunners and it seems like they would take no more. When we amplified that the British actor is precisely the one-word definition for the Netflix series, we were not wrong. As soon as his departure from the medieval monster butchering mayhem surfaced on the internet, fans took to arms and proposed to cut off the series altogether. But now, producers seem to have figured a way out.

And although fans are signing petitions and threatening to abandon the show, they are also curious to know how will Cavill’s ‘heroic send-off’ will take place and how Liam Hemsworth will carry forward the lore of The Witcher from thereon. It seems like the recently released, not-so-critically acclaimed prequel, Blood Origin has sparked a brand new assumption. One of the witcherverse maniacs on YouTube asserted that the showrunners may reboot the series altogether. Notably, all of it boils down to the post-credit scene of the prequel series. So, with a little ado, let us delve into the great Elven empire and find out what is actually going on.

A YouTuber suggests showrunners may reboot The Witcher entirely, following Henry Cavill’s exit

As per a new theory proposed by YouTuber The Sporking News Podcast, the showrunners may have hinted at entirely rebooting the series after the British actor’s grand exit. According to him, they may either rewrite the story of Cavill’s Geralt or start it from season one again. “They’re either going to write Geralt out completely and have a different Witcher, or [Liam Hemsworth] is going to take the role over. But they’re going to start from season one again, and it’s just going to be a different story.”

The content creator further explained that the post-credit scene of The Witcher: Blood Origin sees Avallac’h using monoliths to travel 1500 years to the future and observes Ciri playing. A similar scene was incorporated in the opening credits of the OG series, where Henry Cavill watched her from a distance. Notably, the post-credit scene could lead to a change in the timeline, and the makers can use it to introduce Liam Hemsworth’s Geralt in season 4. He further explained why Henry Cavill would need a heroic sendoff by asserting that the Showrunners are wittily hinting at rewriting season one of Witcher without addressing it directly.

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