The Weeknd’s ‘The Idol’ to Debut at the Cannes Film Festival; Fans Don’t Seem All That Thrilled

The Weeknd’s ‘The Idol’ to Debut at the Cannes Film Festival; Fans Don’t Seem All That Thrilled

The Cannes Film Festival is one of the most prestigious film festivals. Several filmmakers hope to premiere their film at the festival and get some really good exposure. A lot of films that premiered at this event also get nominated for the Oscars. Primarily a film festival, it is rare to see a series debut at the festival. But that is exactly what The Weeknd plans to do with his drama, The Idol.

According to Variety, The Weeknd is hoping to see his drama get a premiere at the film festival although HBO has not released any official statement regarding this. If the debut does happen, fans will get treated to the Sam Levinson drama in May when the event takes place. Although it is quite unusual, dramas have previously premiered at the festival.

The mind-bending sci-fi drama, Twin Peaks: The Return had a premiere at Cannes. And so did the Top of the Lake: China Doll. Even actors like Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain were able to get a slot at the event to premiere their drama, Venice. So Abel can certainly hope. 

HBO has hailed The Idol as one of the sleaziest romances of all time. In fact, coming from the creator of Euphoria, fans can expect the drama to be as provocative as the Zendaya series. The drama revolves around the connection between a religious cult leader and a pop diva. Abel plays the lead alongside Lily-Rose Depp.

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The show is currently receiving bad press for the recent troubles behind the scenes. And fans are not too excited about the show premiering at Cannes.

Fans react to The Weeknd debuting his drama at the Cannes 

Fans largely feel disinterested in the show’s premiere at Cannes.

The premium cable channel has already released a few teasers. But there is no official date of release since a lot of reshoots have already delayed the series. When director Amy Seimetz left the series halfway, Levinson re-wrote and reshot most of the scenes. Initially, the drama was to offer a female perspective into the idol industry and was to show a women’s journey of finding her own sexuality. However, a Rolling Stone article claimed it was a sexual torture p*rn. 

Do you agree with the Twitterati or are you happy with the Variety report?

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