The Unforgivable Is Now on Netflix – Fans Reaction, Reviews and More

The Unforgivable Is Now on Netflix – Fans Reaction, Reviews and More

Based on the critically acclaimed British series The Unforgiven by Sally Wainwright, The Unforgivable follows the life of Ruth Slater. With an award studded cast, fans had many expectations from the movie. Did The Unforgivable live up to its hype on Netflix?

The Unforgiven

The Unforgivable is based on The Unforgiven. Written by Sally Wainwright and directed by David Evans, it won the award for Best Drama Series or Serial at the 2009 RTS Programme Awards. With great critical reception and an award, the miniseries intrigued many fans. As a result, it had 7 million viewers across its run, making it a box office hit as well.

The Unforgiven follows the life of Ruth Slater, a woman who served 15 years of prison time for the alleged murder of two cops. Following her release, she wishes to find her younger sister, expecting a reconciliation. Unfortunately, things do not go as planned as Katie, the sister, was adopted and her whereabouts cannot be disclosed. When news of Ruth’s release reaches the ears of the parent of one of the cops she had allegedly killed, the theme of revenge is added to the plot.

Throughout the three episodes of the miniseries, fans discover why Ruth ended up killing the cops. Baffling turn of events is something the audience gets used to. Following the great critical reception the series received, fans hoped The Unforgivable would do the same. But was that the case?

The Unforgivable- was Sandra Bullock the only good thing about the movie?

Following the limited release of The Unforgivable before it finally appeared on Netflix, fans had heard a lot about Sandra Bullock and yet another powerful performance by the actress. However, it wasn’t just Bullock from the cast that drew viewers in. Viola Davis has received much praise from fans for her performance, as is evident from the following tweets.

Apart from the phenomenal performance from the actors, fans stand divided on the plot of the film. Some found it extremely intriguing.

Many others collectively agreed that the plot was predictable in many places and was only saved by the performance of the actors and the work Nora Fingscheidt did as the director.

Despite the slightly negative reviews on the plot, The Unforgivable on Netflix is definitely worth checking out as we watch two award-winning actresses work together in a powerful movie.

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