The Umbrella Academy Fans React To Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) And Coffee Relationship

The Umbrella Academy Fans React To Number 5 (Aidan Gallagher) And Coffee Relationship

At the beginning of Umbrella Academy, Number 5 was a hasty boy who was always eager to use his supernatural powers. As his time travel experience turns out devastating and he remains stuck in a teenager’s body. Because of his super intellectual mind, he is often called a Deadly Little Thing. While he is also a skilled assassin who can snap the heads of people in seconds. However, he has known the truth of the apocalypse so he returns to his siblings to alert them. The character of Five Hargreeves embodied by Aidan Gallagher has grown through the previous seasons. A man of 60 years of age in a school uniform is certainly what made The Umbrella Academy a different series. Let’s see what fans have to say about this superhero who is always ready to spill some coffee over things. 

Aidan Gallagher always loves a good cup of coffee and The Umbrella Academy 

In a recent photo shared by the official Umbrella Academy on Twitter, they invited fans for a fun task. In the photo, he was seen posing for the show in a tie and suit. It looked similar to the attire he wears all the time in the academy (13-year-old school dress). The post stated: drop a ☕️ if u think five has yet to find a decent cup of coffee.” 

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They asked fans to comment on this cute boy who has been remarkable this season. Because he loved drinking coffee in the previous seasons however he directly turned to alcohol this season. Well, we can blame this messed up universe that he needed something harder to face this. 

Twitter is flooding with coffee cups and fan opinions on Aidan Gallagher

Aidan has undoubtedly won the heart of fans with his sarcasm and his dedication to averting the apocalypse. Come see what fans are bantering about Five Hargreeves on Twitter.

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In addition to his main role in The Umbrella Academy, this young actor has been seen in other shows. He portrayed the character of Nicky Harper in the television series Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. He also appeared minorly in the American family sitcom Modern Family. Thus, seeing his talent in the show we can say that Aidan has a long way to go in the world of cinema. All the seasons of Hargreeves siblings are waiting for you only on Netflix. Go stream now!

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