The Umbrella Academy 3 Script Was Revamped for Vanya to Victor Transition After Elliot Page Came Out

The Umbrella Academy 3 Script Was Revamped for Vanya to Victor Transition After Elliot Page Came Out

The Umbrella Academy has been impressing viewers since its inception. The show about the dysfunctional family’s endeavor to save humanity from different crises quickly became a fan favorite. And many could not wait to stream the new season. The new season of the show brought new relationships and character arcs before the eyes of the audience. However, the biggest transition to any character from the show was Victor, played by actor Elliot Page.

Victor was previously Vanya in the series, and the transition was made after Elliot Page came out as a trans man. Recently showrunner Steve Blackman talked about completely re-writing the character after Elliot’s transition.

Let us see what Steve had to say.

Steve Blackman on writing Victor particularly for Elliot Page

The Umbrella Academy is currently riding high on success. The series even defeated Stranger Things for a top spot on the top trending list.

So while talking about the series’ third season’s success, showrunner Steve Blackman talked about how he had to write Victor after learning about Elliot’s decision.

The showrunner said, “When Elliot told me that he was transitioning, the Season 3 scripts were done. I was thrilled for Elliot. I was very happy that he made this decision.”

Steve went on to say how he asked Thomas Page McBee, a trans writer, for help to write the best version of Victor. He also mentioned that apart from Thomas, even Elliot worked closely with them while developing the character of Victor.

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Furter Blackman added that while writing Victor, he learned a lot about transgender people and that the journey for him was incredible.

He added, “We wanted to just make it feel like there are families that just can accept you unconditionally as transgender, and that doesn’t have to be the whole story of the show. That was the balance I tried to find.”

Even in the series, all the characters have a party for Victor, which the audience loves.

What are your thoughts on the character of Victor? Do you love him? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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