“The Truth Is…”- When Ryan Gosling Had a Money Affair With Emma Stone

“The Truth Is…”- When Ryan Gosling Had a Money Affair With Emma Stone

Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone apart from being extremely gorgeous blondes have three movies in common. Cinema-goers first got a taste of their mystical chemistry when the two of them appeared in Crazy, Stupid, Love, and they can’t seem to have enough ever since.

Furthermore, the two of them have worked in three movies together and each being a contrast to the other. And while we have all heard the generic “he is super talented and sweet” remark that actors give each other, Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone bring something new to the table. In an interview with E, The Big Short actor revealed a very personal detail about his relationship with Emma Stone.

What is the truth behind Ryan Gosling’s and Emma Stone’s relationship?

After working together on a romantic movie, the two of them were again co-stars on one of the most anticipated movies of 2013. Gosling and Stone were paired together in the fictional recounting of the adventures of a real group of LAPD officers. The flick was rated as one of the most popular movies even before it began production.

While many tuned in for the action, a devoted fanbase stepped in to see Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone on the same screen again.

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When asked about how it feels to be working with Emma Stone AGAIN, the actor had a few jokes up his sleeves. “The truth is, Emma Stone owes me money,” said Gosling.  “If I show up here or I have to do another movie with her to get it, I will,” joked the Gangster Squad.

The statement shut down all the reports of the actors working together because they have impeccable chemistry that guarantees success. Now we all know the real reason why Ryan Gosling keeps working with Emma Stone, is because he wants his money back. If you thought that the $105 million that Gangster Squad made at the box office were enough for the Golden Globes award-winning actor to let it go, you were wrong. He was back again with Emma Stone for the musical masterpiece that was La La Land.

Why do Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone keep working together?

Jokes apart, Gosling has a REAL reason behind why he keeps working with Stone apart from the fact that their surnames together sound like the next movie in the Harry Potter franchise. The Barbie actor has said that working with Stone is like “opening Christmas presents“. Given the fact that in 2017 Emma Stone was the highest-paid actress in the world, we are sure the “owing money” part is a joke. But given how much fun the actors had while making La La Land, we are sure the “opening Christmas presents” part is true. Check out the almost Oscar award-winning movie, La La Land, on Netflix.

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