The True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’

The True Story Behind Netflix’s ‘From Scratch’

The age-old saying ”The world is a small place”  is very true when it comes to Netflix with its array of diverse content from around the globe. And topping the charts for weeks in row is From Scratch. Despite the number of highly anticipated releases that have followed From Scratch, none of them have been able to move it from being one of the most-watched series on Netflix. Created by Attica Locke and Tembi Locke, the eight-episode-long romantic TV series is melting hearts all around the world.

One of the many reasons behind the show’s popularity is the fact that not only is it cinematically appealing and swoon-worthy, but From Scratch is actually based on a true story. Contrary to the title of the moving series, the story is not built ”from scratch” and is a true story based on the memoir written by Tembi Locke. Tembi, along with her sister, Attica Locke, is the showrunner of the series. There is hardly much that comes close to people telling their own stories in their own way, and From Scratch is proof of this fact.

What is the true story behind From Scratch on Netflix?

The series, over the course of eight episodes, depicts the beautiful story of Amy and Lino. Despite being from two very different corners of the globe, the two of them fall in love. The hardships they face not only with each other but also with their families is what the series is about. Given the fact that it is based on a memoir, one can easily establish the fact that it is inspired by real events.

Amy and Gullo are Tembi Locke and Gullo in real life. The love story starts when Tembi shifts post high school graduation. The cute Italian guy who helps her look for her lost bike becomes the love of her life. And when she met Gullo it felt like she had been completed. From having conversations about things as simple as food to sharing their fondest memories, the two of them were the perfect fit.

While their families disagreed, the two of them believed in themselves and persevered and stood by each other. Another amazing detail is that Amy’s apartment in the series is actually the real one that Locke lived in.

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The two of them got married in 1995 in the city of Los Angeles. However, the marital bliss did not last very long due to Gullo’s cancer diagnosis. Additionally, their daughter’s real name is Zoela, who, in the show, is called Idalia. The fact that something as sweet as this could take place in real life left everyone jarred. But believe it or not, this is the true story behind From Scratch on Netflix.

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