The Story of How Will Smith Landed in Madrid for a Soccer Crossover, but Not With Real Madrid

The Story of How Will Smith Landed in Madrid for a Soccer Crossover, but Not With Real Madrid

Over the years, we have witnessed a huge variety of shows and films based on sports or a particular sports entity. It is always exciting to watch the crossover between sports and Hollywood. The shows and the films that evolve out of sports are one of the most popular genres today, and there is a massive audience for watching such shows. Likewise, Will Smith has also been featured in a few films based on sports and famous athletes. Will Smith is a living legend. Over the years, Smith has been an inspiration to tons of individuals worldwide, be it through his work or as a person in general. Previously, the Men in Black actor even landed in Madrid for a soccer crossover, not to shoot for a film, and no the team was not Real Madrid.

When Will Smith was in Madrid and met a soccer team, no not Real Madrid

While we usually hear about soccer stories in Hollywood, back in the day, the industry actually came to soccer when Columbia pictures became the sponsor of Spanish Moguls Atletico Madrid. The 2003-04 season in LaLiga was crazy, as the team saw a plethora of shirt sponsors from Hollywood. The Columbia-Atletico led to some interesting crossovers between celebrities and the soccer team. Amongst the many celebrities, one of them was Will Smith. Smith’s film Hitch, alongside Evan Mendes, was one of the many sponsors of Athletico Madrid. The Men In Black actor even posed with football legend Fernando Torres during his visit to Madrid. 


Moreover, the Pursuit of Happiness actor is not new to meeting sports icons. Back in 2012, after the Madrid Masters finals, Smith met the tennis star, Roger Federer. Also, Smith presented an astounding present to Roger Federer from the popular film Men In Black after the finals.

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Apart from Smith’s Hitch, a number of films also sponsored Atletico Madrid’s jerseys. Some of them include XXX: State of the Union and the comic book adaptation Hellboy. One of the most iconic sponsors of the jersey was Spiderman starring Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst. Peter Parker and Mary-Jane even posed with their customized football kits. Sadly, Atletico did not win the league.

What is the film Hitch about?

Hitch, starring Will Smith, and Evan Mendes is a romantic comedy film. It follows the story of professional dating consultant Alex “Hitch” Hitchens(Will Smith). Everything is going fine till he meets the lovely Evan Mendes. For all the Will Smith fans, Hitch is streaming on Netflix.

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