The Splattering Trailer Is Actually a Fun Publicity Gimmick for Locke and Key Season 2

The Splattering Trailer Is Actually a Fun Publicity Gimmick for Locke and Key Season 2

Halloween is almost here, and we just can’t get enough of the horror content. Spook-tober is the talk of the town and so is the ghostly and frightening content that Netflix is putting out these days. One movie that Netflix decided to tease us with, or rather, throw in our face, is The Splattering. But is it really a new movie or just a publicity gimmick for Locke and Key season 2.

We know that in today’s time, marketing is everything, but damn, Netflix took it to a whole new level. On October 13, it was announced that a new movie titled The Splattering will be coming to screens and a trailer for the same will be released on October 14. Well, it was all just a gimmick to lure in audiences for season 2 of the hit show Locke and Key.

The Splattering: announcement

On Wednesday, Netflix announced a new horror movie titled The Splattering. The streaming platform revealed that a trailer for the movie would be released on Thursday.

The post read, for thousands of years, man has taken from the sea. now, the sea will get its revenge THE SPLATTERING (dir. Scot Cavendish) trailer tomorrow

The trailer for the movie or a hint at Locke and Key season 2?

It is possible that the streaming giant made a little blunder as the trailer for the movie has leaked online. Although an official link did go live, it was quickly pulled down. That was little to no impact on the situation, as YouTubers quickly found clips of the video and were spreading it like a wildfire.

But the director who has been associated with this so-called movie is not even real. Scot Cavendish is the name of the lead character from Netflix Original Locke and Key. He is an avid filmmaker in the show. And the movie doesn’t even seem real, as it stars a rather shady character, Lobsterman, who goes around murdering people.

What does this mean?

Well, it is more than possible that The Splattering is not even a real movie, and this little prank that Netflix pulled is a mere gimmick for Locke and Key season 2. If it is really a prank then we got to appreciate the marketing team at Netflix, cause boy this was fun! We never felt this good while being deceived.

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