The Secret to a Blooming Royal Romance is ‘Unusual’ Reverse Dates, Prince Harry Once Revealed

The Secret to a Blooming Royal Romance is ‘Unusual’ Reverse Dates, Prince Harry Once Revealed

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be a royal British couple, but at heart, they are one of the millennial couples who fell in love with each other over cute Snapchat filters, stalking on Twitter, and Instagram chats. In the first half of their seemingly hit Netflix series, Harry & Meghan, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, shared their beautiful love story at a stretch, sending netizens in a feeling of aww.

Now, if you must have noticed, at the onset of their dating period, before her majesty, late Queen Elizabeth II approved of their relationship, the royal couple did not make many public appearances. So how exactly did they meet and got close to each other? Well, Prince Harry served with the answers to these questions some five years ago and their reversed dating style is perhaps something that all must try.

Prince Harry revealed the secret to their successful dating period

The Duke of Sussex addressed that when he had to plan dates initially, it was a hard task. However, the couple then changed, rather “reversed” their dating strategy and it in turn changed the whole scenario. While their first two dates were to the exclusive private members’ bar Soho House; they then swapped the romantic nights out for cozy nights in. And according to the Prince, it changed everything. “…And has made us a hell of a lot closer in a short space of time. That’s without question,” Prince Harry said in their engagement interview in November 2017.

Meghan Markle, who is happily residing with her husband at their lavish Montecito abode, added that the reversing provided them with “a lot of opportunities.” From having friends over for dinner, and visiting each other’s family for a supper to romantic and long country walks, staying in their little cottage was certainly a happily-ever-after decision.

Did you know a common friend set them up?

In the BBC interview, the self-exiled royal couple also revealed that Prince Harry first came across Meghan Markle’s dog filtered picture on their common friend, Violet’s feed. When he asked about the mysterious woman, she told him about Markle’s career and everything in between.

Furthermore, the Prince was the seventh guy to ask about the Suits actress, according to his friend. However, he did not lose hope, approached the American native, and here they are, sharing a happy family with two beautiful kids.

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