‘The Sandman’ Bags Double the Number of Watch Hours Than a Fan-Favorite Netflix Teenage Drama, Will It Be Enough to Get a Season 2?

‘The Sandman’ Bags Double the Number of Watch Hours Than a Fan-Favorite Netflix Teenage Drama, Will It Be Enough to Get a Season 2?

It took 32 long years for the famous Neil Gaiman’s comic book, The Sandman, to grace the television screens, and we are definitely not complaining. The Sandman novel has had a journey of its own, with many producers and writers consistently trying to get the rights for its adaption. It was finally in 2019 that Netflix decided to produce the series, and Neil Gaiman’s vision has been beautifully portrayed on the screen. So much so that the Netflix Original garnered more love than the streamer’s top genre: Teen Drama.

Netflix has always had an edge when it comes to teen dramas with its series, Riverdale, Never Have I Ever, and Elite, creating much buzz. However, The Sandman‘s faithfulness to the comic has flipped the script, allowing it to get double the watch hours as a popular teen drama on the streamer. Which show do you think the Tom Sturridge starter surpassed? Read on to know more.

The adaption becomes one of the most successful television shows

The Sandman lived up to the expectations, and the surreal numbers are proof of the same. As per the data released by Netflix, the show has garnered a whopping 127.5 million watch hours in what we can as its first full week of availability. Unsurprisingly, it is topping the charts in the show ratings revealed by the streaming platform for the week, August 8 to August 14. Notably, The Sandman watch hours are more than double of the Never Have I Ever show.

The teen show stands second in the rankings. The Sandman reached the top spot for the second time, as it was number one in its first week as well. Having released on August 5, Neil Gaiman’s show only had three days to make a mark in the ratings.

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The show didn’t disappoint and ended up garnering a stunning 69.5 million watch hours. With global watch hours of 198 million in its first ten days, The Sandman has become the most successful show on the streaming platform. The ten-episode series with two bonus updates are expected to rule the top ten ratings for weeks to come.

Is The Sandman season 2 on the cards?

Within less than two weeks of its release, the breathtaking television series has already left the fans wondering about its second season. The magical numbers shouldn’t leave any room for doubts on whether Netflix should make the second season of The Sandman.

However, the viewers should be prepared for heartbreak in case the service decides against the second season. After numerous requests for more episodes, Neil Gaiman’s finally cleared the air via his official Twitter handle. The English writer stated that Netflix is yet to take a decision on the next season.

The Sandman is an incredibly expensive show. Thus, it has to do well for the whole of August for the higher authorities to shell out the money. Though Neil is awaiting a response from the streaming service, he has kept the doors open for switching platforms

Should Netflix give the go-ahead for the second season of The Sandman? Share your thoughts in the comments. 

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