How Laura Marano and Mena Massoud Are Reacting to ‘The Royal Treatment’ Making It to Global Top 10 Trending on Netflix

How Laura Marano and Mena Massoud Are Reacting to ‘The Royal Treatment’ Making It to Global Top 10 Trending on Netflix

Netflix has its fair share of popular rom-com movies. Adding to the list is the latest movie, The Royal Treatment, directed by Rick Jacobson. The premise of the movie is quite a cliché—a young prince falls in love with a happy-go-lucky commoner. However, fans worldwide shared their appreciation and love for the film. The extravagant castle and palaces, along with the larger-than-life characters are sure to keep you entertained.

Laura Marano and Mena Massoud’s delight

The movie’s overnight success came as a big delight for the main cast of the show, Laura Marano and Mena Massoud. The romantic comedy premiered on Netflix on 20th January 2022.

The Royal Treatment revolves around a happy-go-lucky hairdresser, Isabella, who accidentally gets an appointment to do the haircut of the Prince of Lavania, Prince Thomas. Was this fate?

Initially, Isabella teaches Prince Thomas about having sympathy for his housekeepers. She shows him the commoner’s way of life and its essence. Eventually, as the plot progresses, and the prince’s marriage draws closer, the two start developing feelings for each other.

Upon the film reaching Netflix’s global top 10, actor Mena Massoud tweeted announcing the same, thanking all fans who watched it the night of the release.

Laura Marano was quick to respond to Massoud’s tweet and took to the internet to share her happiness regarding the success of the film. She further adds that she overflowing with joy as the movie reached the Top 10 trending list of Netflix around the world.

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‘The Royal Treatment’ cast

The cast of this popular Netflix film comprises some fresh faces of the industry. The lead cast is Laura Marano as Isabella and Mena Massoud as Prince Thomas. Other members of the cast include Jen Van Epps, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Jacque Drew, and Cameron Rhodes.

This new Netflix trending film would be an entertaining watch for the viewers. Significantly, The Royal Treatment offers a nice portrayal of the contrast between royal life and that of commoners. Have you streamed this movie yet? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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