“The rebel feel” -‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ VFX Artist Uncovers Major Reason Behind Easter Egg Connecting to This Arnold Schwarzenegger Film

“The rebel feel” -‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ VFX Artist Uncovers Major Reason Behind Easter Egg Connecting to This Arnold Schwarzenegger Film

The legacy of Arnold Schwarzenegger has a connection with Avatar: The Way of Water. With the most advanced VFX, Avatar 2 release brought a lot of anticipation, and it did not disappoint. But the beauty of this James Cameron movie is the flow of his work that can be seen through time. Only fans of the director with a sharp eye can point out the minutest details and references point through them before the film’s VFX artist uncovers them.

Eric Saindon, who was in charge of the VFX opened up about the little hint that connects the 2022 fantasy film to the 1992 action film. He shared an Easter egg that not many may have spotted through the sequel movie.

The way Terminator 2: Judgement Day is connected to Avatar: The Way of Water

There is one tiny but important hint that Avatar: The Way of Water has carried from Terminator 2: Judgment Day. Eric Saindon, who works as the VFC head for Weta FX, went as a guest on Corridors Crew for their Artists React series. That is when the VFX artist revealed, “Lo’ak, he’s got that one braid that’s always hanging.” Even one of Terminator’s main characters, John Connor, has his hair hanging on the front right side.

They spoke about how characters were imagined and built for the massive project. The hairstyles of both these characters signify their need of wanting to look like a rebel. In a way, it also became a unique mark or trait of being a Cameron movie.

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But attention to the minutest thing is what makes a classic James Cameron movie. He may not make movies regularly, but when he does, it is a sure-shot formula to success. And there is a specific reason for this: what inspires his movie ideas.

How James Cameron built Terminator

The director appeared on Jason Bateman’s Smartless podcast, wherein he revealed the inspiration behind his movie ideas. He apparently saw a figure in his nightmare, which was brought to life through the Terminator movie. That marked the beginning of his imagination, opening a gate for various ideas.

Even after a gap of more than two decades, Cameron’s movie managed to carry the personality traits of a character from the past. Both movie franchises stay successful to this day and may make sequels in the future as well.

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