‘The Privilege’ Ending EXPLAINED: What Happened to Finn?

‘The Privilege’ Ending EXPLAINED: What Happened to Finn?

There is always an eerie mystery that comes along with movies like the new German horror film The Privilege. While there are many things that explain themselves, it always leaves you with crumbs of unexplained plot ends, that tend to tangle with the story. And a movie like The Privilege definitely needs to have the ending explained, as it actually boasts a plethora of themes and storylines.

We have Finn, the main lead of the movie, trying his best to have a grip on reality. He sees these paranormal activities happening around him, while no one actually believes in what he is saying. Amidst all this, he also has a crush and is trying his best to communicate his feelings. However, things go south when he learns the truth about himself. And seriously, what happened to that demon?

The Privilege ending explained: the exorcism of Finn

In the movie, it is revealed that all the medication that Finn was taking was indeed experimental, and was primarily targeted to make him right. However, Finn is assured about the role of that evil being in everything going wrong around him. Until one day, when he notices some weird thing floating inside one capsule, which revealed to be an ancient plant that only grows on corpses.

He then visits a specialist, Eliska Novak, following the advice of his biology teacher; who reveals that this plant indicates that some devilish being is after them. The specialist suggests they need to perform an exorcism to bring out the demon, but Finn gets scared and denies to do anything like that. However, after witnessing the successful operation with his grandfather, Finn calls Eliska and her son to perform the exorcism.

Finn reaches home to find his crush, Samira, waiting for him. After a while, Lena arrives as well, followed by Eliska and her son. They perform the exorcism, but they catch nothing for the first two tries. They do sense something on the third try, and they finally call out the demon at last. But Finn asks everyone to not to look at the demon. In a matter of few minutes, the demon sets Eliska’s equipment on fire and Finn’s parents also return to the house. After which, Finn leaves the house with Samira.

The incident with Leander at the University

After leaving the house, Samira, Finn, and Lena sleep at a warehouse. Samira feels the touch of a hand which tries to hold her hand. She thinks that the hand is Finn’s. Surprisingly, Finn comes out from the toilet, revealing that it was actually the devil who was holding Samira’s hand. The next day, Finn finds Leander in a rather odd shape, and asks if he needs any help, to which Leander doesn’t respond at all.

In a matter of a few moments, we see Leander up on the roof of the building, asking everyone to take it out from him. However, no one actually understands what he meant by that, and they see Leander put a knife into his mouth, and then jump off the building. We see Finn and Samira making the run to the hospital, while Lena takes the time to examine the medications that dropped out of Leander’s pocket. Lena finds out the medicine named ‘Trychozepam,’ which is produced by Trondthal. The CEO of Trondthal is Finn’s father.

The mystery of the plant in The Privilege, and did Finn, Samira and Lena make it out alive at the end?

Lena visits the headquarters of the medicine company, where she finds the very department that was conducting trials. There she sees many dead bodies, and a weird-looking plant growing out of their mouths. A scared and baffled Lena leaves the building. Meanwhile, Finn learns the truth about his family, and how he was actually adopted, and so was Leander.

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Leander’s father tells him about the bond they had with the entity, and how they believe the medicines will change the world. A little later, we see Finn and Samira trapped inside Finn’s house, and his own family took Finn hostage. He is shocked to see all this, and especially the involvement of his little sister Sophie.

Just as they were about to perform some procedure on Finn, which would transform him into a evil being, Lena comes in to save the day. Lena, Finn, and Samira then run to save their lives, but are followed by the evil entity. It crashes their car, but the trio still survives, and walk away from the city.

Looking at the ending of the movie, we feel The Privilege might have a second movie to explain a few things.

The Privilege is now streaming on Netflix.

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