The Princess Switch 3: Behind the Scenes With Vanessa Hudgens

The Princess Switch 3: Behind the Scenes With Vanessa Hudgens

The Princess Switch is slowly developing into something huge for Netflix. With the third film released in the series, Vanessa Hudgens is undoubtedly winning our hearts. We got to see two Vanessas in the first movie Lady Margaret of Montenaro and Stacy; before we met a third look-a-like cousin Fiona in The Princess Switch 2. So when all three doppelgangers reunited in the third movie, filming got difficult.

Visit with us the behind-the-scenes of The Princess Switch 3, to see how did they do that.

Ever since we saw the trailer for Princess Switch 3, we knew that there was going to be a lot of fun in this movie, and it definitely was. Princess Stacy and Queen Margaret planned a whole celebration for the festival, but just then they come to know that the Star of Peace, a very important relic, was missing. In order to retrieve it, who else but the cousin Fiona is tasked with retrieving it. So, between playing three different roles, Vanessa found herself caught in a lot, and had to juggle through the film.

How did they film three Vanessa Hudgens’ in The Princess Switch 3?

Director Mike Rohl talked about how they planned the scenes which feature all three doppelgangers at the same time. Hudgens, along with Rohl, and a few other crew members had to figure out the entire scene with the movements and actions of the three characters. Subsequently, they had to shoot the parts of characters individually. “You could say the tripling and twinning was the most challenging part of the movie to shoot, and you would be right,” Rohl told Newsweek.

If you have to play three different roles in a movie, you will require enough body doubles as well. Vanessa had three different body doubles, one for each of her roles. Charlotte Coggin stood in for Stacey, Alexa Lee for Fiona, and Rebecca “Becky” Wong as Margaret. “During the blockings, Vanessa, me, and a few key crew members would work out all her characters’ actions,” Rohl explained. “The three doubles would take notes and prepare to repeat all of her moves and mannerisms.

The body-doubles even stood in during the shots where all the characters of Vanessa were present, and post-production just brings the entire scenes to life like magic. Watching The Princess Switch 3 behind the scenes was equally fun as watching the Netflix Original movie itself; as it was pure delight.

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