“The pressure I…” – Throwback to When Henry Cavill Revealed the Actual Pressure He Felt While Playing Man of Steel

“The pressure I…” – Throwback to When Henry Cavill Revealed the Actual Pressure He Felt While Playing Man of Steel

We are no strangers to the legacy of Superman as one of the most popular comic book characters there is. People with even completely barebones knowledge when it comes to comics can back the fact that they have heard Superman’s name if nothing else. The Man of Steel has a massive history in the books and holds great significance in pop culture as well. So naturally, fans believe that Henry Cavill had to bear all this weight on his shoulders while playing Superman. However, previously, the British star opened up about what actually went on in his mind when he put on his Kryptonian suit.

Henry Cavill is a very dedicated and committed individual. The Enola Holmes star gives all that he has got in everything he does. And previously, in an interview, the actor revealed the same. A few years ago, he opened up about the pressure he felt while playing Superman.

During an interview with Tribute.ca, the host asked Cavill if he was a little nervous while playing the Man of Steel. The actor revealed, “It is like any other job. The pressure I put on myself is far greater than anything else.” He also added that he just wanted to put his all into the character and do it to the best of his abilities.

Elsewhere in the interview, Cavill also addressed on how he dealt with the external pressure. The British actor spoke that he was well aware of the weight of expectations the fans had on him. However, he chose not to acknowledge it since it did not help him in any way. And it seemed to work for the actor. As we all know, Cavill’s performance as Superman played a major part in making him the big star he is today.

In fact, his hard work paid off with all the accolades he garnered, but the results also proved distracting for some.

When Henry Cavill distracted the Man Of Steel costume designer with his perfection

It might surprise you to know, but Cavill once left the Superman costume designers in awe. Previously, the designer of the costume, Michael Wilkinson revealed in an interview how the actor was the most calm individual he has had worked with. He also admitted that the hardest part of his job was to not get distracted by Cavill’s perfection.

Sadly, years later, despite all the praises for his performances, the British actor bid farewell to the role.

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