The Peculiar Relationship Of Millie Bobby Brown And Drake Explained

The Peculiar Relationship Of Millie Bobby Brown And Drake Explained

Millie Bobby Brown became an eminent face on the list of young actors the moment she stepped into Stranger Things. She got all the stardom and admiration for embodying the lead role of Eleven. While during this whole process of becoming famous and interacting with new people in the industry many eyes caught her. Because being an actor means meeting new people and making friends all the time as entertainment is all about how you connect with others.

However, her friendship with the famous Canadian rapper Drake concerned many people. Since this peculiar relationship between Millie and Drake did not have a clear picture. So keep reading if you wish to know what’s the real matter between these two Hollywood stars.

The story behind this awkward friendship between Millie Bobby Brown and Drake

A video posted on YouTube by PopJuice in May 2022, gave a clear account of the rumors about Millie Bobby Brown and Drake’s unlikely friendship. The video clip tapped on the issue once again that has been buried for a long time. As fans stopped hearing about this weird connection but it all came back on Enola Holmes star’s 18th birthday.

The video stated a TikToker joked on Millie’s birthday saying that Drake might be happy to know that she is of legal age. Moreover, a comment on the video gave rise to rumors that the rapper was hitting on the young actress.

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Although it was later confirmed that Drake doesn’t even use TikTok. But as we know fans can use a flicker to speculate things on their own. Because fans weren’t happy about Brown being friends with a man who is 18 years older than her. Take a look at the whole revelation pinned down here:

They posted on social media saying that this friendship is completely inappropriate and he should remain away from her. Even many fans considered it creepy seeing all the past relationships of Drake.

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However, Millie did take a stand when people were questioning their friendship and said that no one gets to choose her choices. And she thinks that celebrities like Drake are helping pave her way in Hollywood.  Like everyone else, Drake got to know about Millie from Stranger Things and they became good friends.

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