The Oscar Slap Gate Could Not Stop This Will Smith Movie From Topping The Netflix Charts

The Oscar Slap Gate Could Not Stop This Will Smith Movie From Topping The Netflix Charts

If we had to give one name for the buddy cop movie, it has to be Will Smith. Any detective movie tagged with his name eventually becomes a commercial success, if not a box-office hit. The 54-year-old American actor is one of those vibrant and absolutely amiable personalities who would bring substance even to the most bog-standard narratives. His thug boys-esque 2003 flick, Bad Boys II, is perhaps strong evidence to maintain this fact.

Apparently, Bad Boys II, a sequel to the 1995 film, Bad Boys, recently found its way to Netflix’s platform. And the loose-cannon narcotics cop is having a wild, and surprisingly glorious time as the movie flourished in the streaming giant’s top ten streaming charts. Seems like the backlash after the Oscar slap gate could not come in the bad boy’s way.

Helmed by Michael Bay and Jerry Bruckheimer, the American buddy cop action comedy movie stars the Emancipation actor alongside Martin Lawrence as the thug detectives dealing with drug flow in and out of Miami. While their way of enforcing the law almost cost them their job in NYPD, they did find their way back to New York’s police department. And while the Rotten Tomatoes ratings (23%) suggested that the detective gig was not a massive success, it seems like the card is now in their hands.

Perhaps it always was. Albeit a poor critical reception, the movie got renewed for a third and fourth part!

Did you know Bad Boys starring Will Smith has four parts in total?

Following the 1995 and 2003 Bad Boys movie and a good capital formation, the investors green-lit a third movie, Bad Boys For Life. Due to a restrained budget, directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah replaced Michele Bay with Smith and Lawrence reprising the roles. The movie followed the Miami cops investigating a series of murders related to Lowrey’s troubled past.

Notably, it went on to become a critical darling, gathering a sum of $426. 5 million at the global box office. And the result of that? The movie series (whose third movie was the fourth highest-grossing movie all across) has now become a separate franchise. A fourth installment is already in the making, with the OG director joining the team.

Will Smith and his partner also confirmed the news through a social media post where they play the track of Shake Ya Tailfeather, which was featured in Bad Boys II, now streaming on Netflix.

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