The Office Thanksgiving Episodes You Just Cannot Miss

The Office Thanksgiving Episodes You Just Cannot Miss

Most sitcoms always have some holiday-themed episodes, and the same is the case with The Office. But fans of the popular sitcom might struggle to find The Office Thanksgiving episodes.

You can keep searching for The Office Thanksgiving episodes, but the entire series has only one such episode that exists. However, we have found the episode you all were searching for, and also some extra episodes. So, keep reading to find out more about the Thanksgiving episode and a plethora of Christmas episodes.

Dwight Christmas

The Office fans can watch anything featuring Dwight Schrute, and this episode is one of them. When the party planning committee can’t come up with a plan for Christmas, Dwight steps in the shoes of a party planner.

Dwight himself stops the party in the most Dwight way, as Jim has to leave for his second job. We also get to see Toby and Nellie sharing a moment, even though Toby nearly bores her to death. This is the 9th episode of The Office season 9.

Christmas Party

Phyllis’s handmade oven gloves for the “Secret Santa” gift exchange does not satisfy Michael, who got a $400 iPod for Ryan. As a result, Michael holds a “Yankee Swap”, exchanging all the person-specific gifts to random people. Finally, Michael breaks the company policy and buys vodka for everyone. This is the 10th episode of The Office’s second season.

Classy Christmas

Everyone has a crush on someone for whom we go to extreme lengths, and Michael is no different. Michael is already happy after hearing about Toby’s absence. Plus, the corporate decision to send Holly to fill in sends Michael over the moon. Michael even makes Pam plan a second Christmas party, coinciding with Holly’s return.

However, just like us, Michael’s dream comes crashing when he finds out about Holly’s boyfriend. It was fun to see Holly return to Scranton. You can check this out in the 11th episode of season 7.

Secret Santa

Most of The Office episodes are about Michael’s tantrums, and this one takes place in the 13th episode of the sixth season. Michael wants to be the center of attention, but Jim disappoints Michael by allowing Phyliss to be Santa. Dunder Mifflin employees, especially Jim, do not entertain Michael’s shenanigans with heckling Phyllis. However, the office members are unaware of David’s shocking news. (The Office Thanksgiving episode)

The episode focuses on Michael forcing his employees to invest in, Ryan’s cross-portal messaging system. While the episode does not have a Thanksgiving theme, but we get a hint from Angela and Senator Robert’s conversation.

Dwight fulfills his childhood dream by planning a hay festival to be the “Hay Festival King”. You can re-watch the 9th episode of season 7 and catch Angela awkwardly flirting with Senator only to reveal the hay festival coincides with Thanksgiving.

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That’s all from our side. We hope you can now enjoy these episodes alone or with your family and friends. Let us know in the comments which is your favorite The Office episode.

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