The New Races of Zombies Can Take ‘All of Us Are Dead’ to Season 2, Director Lee Jae-Kyoo Hopes for a Return

The New Races of Zombies Can Take ‘All of Us Are Dead’ to Season 2, Director Lee Jae-Kyoo Hopes for a Return

We are finally getting some answers regarding the ambiguous ending to All of Us Are Dead. The Korean zombie series debuted on Jan 28 and quickly climbed up the ranks. It sparked countless memes, and theories as could what the end could mean for all the characters in All of Us Are Dead season 2. Although fans knew that they would get a second season, there was no official confirmation. But now director Lee Jae Kyoo has opened up about the streamer and his plans for a forthcoming season. 

Jee Kyoo revealed that they had left the ending open because they had another season in mind already. The Korean zombie series is unlike any other zombie thriller, as it introduced a new zombie species, the Hambies. To put it simply, Hambies are intelligent zombies. They retain their persona but have zombie urges like craving flesh and brains. Apparently, Jae Kyoo wants to explore the survival of these new types of zombies in season 2, taking the focus away from human survival. 

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The director consulted the young actors to get into the high school students’ mindset 

The director actively involved the young actors to get their views on young minds. To create a high school zombie series, it was pertinent for Jae Kyoo to get into their mindset. Having graduated high school 30 years before, he struggled to understand teenagers from the point of view of an adult. 

The series is also a commentary on social issues. The director revealed that he wanted to showcase people’s reactions to catastrophic events. Additionally, he spilled some tea about the behind-the-scenes shoot. The anxiety-inducing library scene was shot and edited on set to make changes almost immediately.    

All of Us Are Dead season 2 release date 

Netflix plans to make the All of Us Are Dead season 2 available in 2023. It is already in development and in the coming months we may get more information. 

The high octane zombie series focuses on a group of high school students who fight to survive the zombie apocalypse at their school. You can stream season 1 now. 

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