The New Magical Keys in Locke & Key Season 2 Explained

The New Magical Keys in Locke & Key Season 2 Explained

Season 2 of Netflix’s Locke & Key witnessed the Locke family discovering and even making a couple of new magical keys. As the fans of the show would remember, these keys have very specific abilities; the keys in fact are a source of magic. While we already were introduced to some amazing and fascinating keys in the first season of the show; here are all the new keys that made their way into Locke & Key season 2.

Based on the popular graphic comic series by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez; the show tells the story of the Locke family and their ancestral and magical home and all the enigmatic keys that it houses. The magic originates from the material they are forged from called “whispering iron”, from the demon dimension. So follow these “Keepers of Keys” as they go on to forge some new keys and find some too.

The keys before Locke and Key season 2

Before we dig in the keys that made their debut on Locke and Key season 2, here are the keys that we saw in the first season of this Netflix Original. We had the Anywhere Key, Mirror Key, Head Key, Matchstick Key, Shadow Key, and Music Box Key; along with Ghost Key, Plant Key, Identity Key, Echo Key, and of course the most powerful Omega Key.

The Hercules Key and The Angel Key

In a rather simple fashion, similar to probably every single key in the Locke and Key Universe; the name pretty much explains the power of the key. The Hercules Key grants its user abundant strength, just like Zeus’ son Hercules; all you need to do is put the key in the belt buckle, and voila you are the hero of a Greek Myth.

Well, fantasy is just as interesting as mythology; and of course, there is a key that will make you live it. The Angel Key and the harness it fits in will bless you with a set of beautiful white wings and dam n they are powerful as well. While almost all keys appear right before they are needed to be used, ghost Chamberlain Locke specifically set this key up.

The Memory Key

Well, the thing with magic in this universe is that adults do not remember any of it; the original Keepers of the Keys realized this. The Memory Key was Duncan’s idea for a way to remember all the magic for the rest of life; hence he forged this key, one of the most important keys in season 2. We might see more of this exciting key in season 3. If there is one.

The forged keys of Locke & Key season 2

Dodge forced Duncan to forge The Demon Key, which when turned in a person allows a creature from the demon world to take over the human body; it also lets the person who turned the key control that demon. Dodge thought she would use it to wreak havoc, but things take a U-turn when it is revealed the gorger of the key has more control over it, who is Duncan.

The Alpha Key was the answer that Tyler has for the above-mentioned key. When turned in a person possessed by a demon, this key destroys the demon and frees the human from misery. But not really, as this key is rather disastrous. When the key is turned in a person, they die from a brain aneurysm; definitely not a cool way to die.

The Small World Key

One of the most intriguing keys from Locke & Key season 2 is The Small World Key; which goes into what appears to be a dollhouse replica of the Keyhouse. When the key is turned, the small house becomes bound to the Keyhouse. The key easily goes from fun to fatal; when a spider enters the dollhouse it also appears as a giant spider in the Keyhouse, scary.

The Chain Key

Connected with a small padlock, The Chain Key, when turned, erupts endless chains which then capture a said target. The chain also is really strong, since they held a demon pretty easily. The Lockes lost this key to Dodge, and of course, wished they hadn’t.

Locke & Key season 2 is streaming on Netflix now.

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