‘The Munsters’ Ending Explained: Did The Family Return to Transylvania and Will There Be a Part Two?

‘The Munsters’ Ending Explained: Did The Family Return to Transylvania and Will There Be a Part Two?

The Munsters, which is a reimagining of the 1960s iconic sitcom called The Monsters, dropped last night. You may think it is an extended version of the old classic, but it is actually a prequel and goes way beyond the sitcom series of the 60s depicting the background-origin. However, it still has some unanswered questions skirting around it.

For those who have already watched, are you also wondering if the family returned to Transylvania? What happened to Igor? How did the family earn their living till the end? And the biggest question, is there a part two under process? Do not worry since we got you covered. Let us tell you all about it.

Did The Munsters family return to Transylvania?

The location of their original residence which was shown in The Munsters is still not sure. However, after thorough research, certain facts have helped us narrow down the answers. After the Vampire family was evicted from Transylvania, Herman, Lilly, along with everyone decided to shift to Los Angeles to manifest their dreams of getting into show business. However, nothing of the sort ever happened, and Herman ended up becoming a corpse handler for the local funeral ceremony.

The Munsters started off depicting the family living in a place called Mockingbird Heights, which is indicated to be a Hollywood area. The Transylvania castle is nowhere to be seen, and Herman and Lily are now focused on being film actors. Hence, there is a slight or no reason valid enough for them to go back home. Therefore, presumably, they are all still in L. A and haven’t shifted back to Transylvania.

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What happened to Igor and how did they afford the mansion?

The latest prequel reveals to the audience that the faithful and the jittery servant of The Count, Igor, of the original series, is the same character as Grandpa’s pet bat. The Granddad tries to turn him into a bat, through which they can go to America. Unfortunately, he forgets the spell to get Igor back to its sustainable human form. Hence, throughout the movie, he is still in his bat form and continues to be even towards the ending.

Along with them, the ending also revealed how the Munsters were able to buy a huge mansion for themselves. The 19th-century sitcom shows all of them as working-class characters, hence evidently their overnight fortune did not last long. Given Herman’s income as the only full-time breadwinner in the family, it seemed quite impossible for them to buy a mansion.

However, the movie hints at his big and handsome winnings from a deal in Las Vegas. It also indicates their ancestral fortune, showing the castle that they were living in. Also, Lilly and The Count too announced that they have become rich. That is how all of them might have presumably contributed to give themselves a roof above their heads.

Will there be a second movie?

Until now, no recent developments have hinted at another piece. Nevertheless, if there are any updates about the same, we shall deliver them to you at the earliest.

Do you have any other questions regarding the ending of The Munsters movie? Could you now connect the dots between this latest prequel and the age-old classic sitcom? If not, let us know in the comments section to help you out.

Also, the movie is now streaming on Netflix. Give it a try!

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