“The money’s fantastic,” – Henry Cavill Once Admitted Why Money is a Vital Element of His Career

“The money’s fantastic,” – Henry Cavill Once Admitted Why Money is a Vital Element of His Career

Henry Cavill is a well-established name in the world of Hollywood. The British A-lister has a plethora of rich characters that continue to win hearts to date. However, although we think it is his passion for the camera that has got him here, Cavill has something else to say. 

As per sources, the star has some debatable priorities for his career, which are often frowned upon. Nevertheless, Henry Cavill, as known for his honesty, did not pretend to play sweet in front of the audience. He had his own reasons for choosing a career as such and rightfully justified them as well in a 2016 interview. 

Henry Cavill describes the importance of money in life

According to wikiofnerds, although Henry Cavill has a knack for complex and significant characters, he did not execute all of it out of his love of art. In fact, he had a real and a more genuine reason to do so. Known as one of the top-paid actors in the industry, Cavill revealed how the money he makes plays a significant role in his life. Far from any form of art that would fetch him, his hard-earned wealth fetches him a lavish and comfortable lifestyle that he loves and deserves as well. 

I’m not just doing art, The money is fantastic…,” said Cavil. Although it is an opinion that might not hold true for others, The Witcher star deemed it “very important” in living the life he dreamt of. He next confessed how he loves spending it on his friends and family for “nice stuff.” Caring for his people by getting them dinners and drinks is something Henry loves to utilize his money for.

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He later gave an example of how the money factor makes a difference in his daily lifestyle and activities. For instance, traveling to New Zealand in economy class is something he would not prefer as “it sucks.” On the other hand, he prefers flying comfortably in business class, especially when you are a heavily built six-foot man. “I’m not going to pretend to be coy about that. I love it,” affirmed the actor. 

What do you think about Cavill valuing money as much as the art? Do you think this mindset has affected his career and choice of roles? Share your thoughts below.

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