‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ on Netflix: Likeable Anti-hero With Old-Fashioned Network TV Feels, Should You Watch This Legal Thriller?

‘The Lincoln Lawyer’ on Netflix: Likeable Anti-hero With Old-Fashioned Network TV Feels, Should You Watch This Legal Thriller?

The Lincoln Lawyer, the remake of the 2011 Matthew McConaughey, is going to drop on Netflix on May 13. Based on the second novel of Michael Connelly, Manuel Garcia Rulfo replaced Matthew McConaughey to play Mickey Haller in this series.  There are plenty of courtroom fights, and romantic moments are thrown in to keep you interested. The show may also remind you of old network TV shows like McCloud, Magnum P.I, and more. It has that old comfort TV charm and feels familiar yet enjoyable. 

What is the plot of the series?

The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix brings back Mickey Haller who has fallen off grid the after an accident two years back.  After his former colleague, Jerry Vincent died under mysterious circumstances and left him his practice, he is forced back into the courtroom. Once back, his first case is that of the highly publicized murder case of zillionaire, Trevor Elliot’s wife and partner. Elliott is accused of murdering his wife and her partner after he caught them cheating. But is he guilty?

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Does Matthew McConaughey make an appearance? 

No, the actor doesn’t make an appearance in the David E.Kelley show. But Manuel is supported by Neve Campbell, Christopher Gorham, Jazz Raycole, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Michael Graziadei, and more. 

The Lincoln Lawyer on Netflix reviews

Does the 10-part series warrant a watch? The show currently has an above-average rating of 75% on Rotten Tomatoes. It remains unrated on IMDb, which is likely to change once the show hits the platform. Unfortunately, it’s too early for audience reviews to come in but let’s find out what critics are saying.

The Hollywood Reporter writes: “The Lincoln Lawyer moves along at a fast clip and offers the occasional surprise and one or two likable supporting performances.”

“In “The Lincoln Lawyer,” working off of a novelist’s script, Kelley amasses incident — personal and family drama along with court cases — but doesn’t quite pull it all together,” says Variety. Elsewhere, Chicago Sun Times’ review is mostly positive, “You know how it goes. We all know how it goes. Sometimes it’s enough just to enjoy the trip.”

The courtroom thriller will hit the streamer on May 13. Will you watch it?

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