The Kanye West Lesson From ‘Jeen Yuhs’ Madonna Must Learn Ahead of Her Documentary

The Kanye West Lesson From ‘Jeen Yuhs’ Madonna Must Learn Ahead of Her Documentary

Biopics are one of the most popular storytelling formats around the world right now. They are thrilling, exciting, and a whole lot of fun to watch. Over the years, Hollywood has seen countless biopics and documentaries on various prominent celebrities ranging from Kanye West to Elvis Presley. Joining the bandwagon of biopics is the pop culture icon Madonna.

Madonna, the name is not unknown unless one is living under a rock. Back in the 80s Madonna brought a revolution in the music industry. Making her own rules and breaking them, the Hung Up hitmaker is one of the most influential artists till date. Previously, Madonna announced that she would write and direct her own biopic. While the world awaits to see more about her life and career on-screen, there is one thing that Madonna can learn from Kanye’s Jeen-Yuhs series on Netflix.

What can Madonna learn from the Kanye West documentary?

In 2020, Madonna revealed that she would write and direct her own biopic with Diablo Cody and The Girl on the Train screenwriter Erin Cressida Wilson as co-writers. Furthermore, the Material Girl hitmaker has been very involved with the process as well. Apparently, Madonna even held a “Madonna bootcamp” for various actresses. However, Madonna’s close involvement in the process might be a “matter of concern.”

While it is important to involve the concerned individual on whom the project is based on, it might also be equally disastrous. That is exactly why Clarence “Coodie” Simmons, the director of in Jeen-Yuhs did not let Kanye West see the final cut. While Kanye called out the director as he demanded to have a control over his image,  Simmons refused to have Kanye take a final approval from the rapper. Simmons during an interview with Newsweek, revealed, “I told him it had to be authentic. If you have any control over this, it loses its authenticity.” 

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Despite the fact that Madonna is working on a biopic and not a documentary, Coodie’s point is still valid. If the subject has the authority over what’s being shown on-screen, why would they show themselves in a bad light? And previously Katy Perry’s 2012 Part of Me was criticised as the critiques felt that some of the scenes were “phoney and staged.”

More about Madonna’s biopic

Even though Madonna announced her biopic 2 years back, it seems like there is still time before the filming begins. If rumors are to be believed, Ozark star Julia Garner might take the lead role in the film. The film will follow the early years of Madonna’s stardom.


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