The Internet Laughs and Learns With Philonema Cunk’s Hilarious Mocumentary ‘Cunk on Earth’ on Netflix

The Internet Laughs and Learns With Philonema Cunk’s Hilarious Mocumentary ‘Cunk on Earth’ on Netflix

Will you ask Britain’s leading archaeologist if the early man’s meat had a brand name like beef or pork?  Would you try to school a well-known professor of history about the largest number being 700, something you learned courtesy of a YouTube video? Or even better, ask the author, who spent years learning about China’s history, to do justice to his coverage of the Great Wall of China in his book, Is there a great roof of China?

Your answer to all the above questions would likely be a ‘no’, but that isn’t the case with the breadwinner of Cunk on Earth, the latest documentary on Netflix. The five-episode series was originally released on BBC in September 2022 and left mostly Britain in stitches. Not only is it original, creative, and hilarious, but it provides an effective and meta-commentary on human civilization, all carried on the back of hilarious British comedian, Diane Morgan, who becomes one with her character Philomena Cunk.

Why do pop culture junkies love Cunk on Earth?

Apart from the smart play of words in its title, the main character, Philomena Cunk, being a human incarnation of the wildest conspiracy theories on Reddit, guarantees many laugh-out-loud moments.

While the humor and Philomena Cunk are the Tiffany of the series, the scenic shots of historical monuments and the reactions of veterans in the field of historical studies as Crunk throws at them one conspiracy theory after another without batting an eye, make up for not only a hilarious but also an enlightening viewing experience.

Moreover, Cunk on Earth is a follow-up to Cunk on Britain, which also managed to pull out the same admiration from the audience as this series.

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Charlie Brooker and Diane Morgan have gone for the jugular in terms of pop culture relevance, with their hilarious take on evolution and inventions.

The term mockumentary fits the five-episode series like a sock. Moreover, Cunk on Earth has religiously played the iconic 90s hit ‘Pump Up the Jam’ in each of its five episodes. And Stranger Things is a testament to old music being the gold of present cinema; therefore, we can all expect Pump Up the Jam to be the next song to blow up on the Internet thanks to Cunk on Earth.

Check out Cunk on Earth on Netflix, and let us know what are your favorite Cunk one-liners in the comments below.

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