The Humblest Torturer Of All Time, Chris Evans Is The Epitome Of Gentlemanly Bad Men And You Cannot Change Our Mind

The Humblest Torturer Of All Time, Chris Evans Is The Epitome Of Gentlemanly Bad Men And You Cannot Change Our Mind

The heartbeat of America Chris Evans has always been in the good books of his fans, as they always saw him in the image of an abiding handsome man who saves the world. However, his role as a swaggering douchebag in Knives Out made a pivotal change. This beautiful man playing a baddie was something unpredictable for the audience. Even ahead of the release of The Gray Man, viewers wondered about seeing the actor in a new look.

But Chris proved with Lloyd Hansen’s character that he could pull off anything. However, it’s impossible to hate him even when he is a complete sadistic sociopath who relishes torturing his targets, as his gleeful dialogues and tantrums in the whole movie gave fans a new “sunshine” antagonist.

Chris Evans spices up torture by embodying a chaotic assassin in The Gray Man

After Courtland Gentry, aka Sierra Six, breaches the security, Denny calls a reckless manhunter and the primary villain of the film. In a clip shared by Netflix Geeked on Twitter, we get a glimpse of his introduction scene. The post read: “Chris Evans really said, “Wait a minute I need to get this call” mid-torture in this moment from THE GRAY MAN”.

In this scene, CIA director Denny Carmichael calls his best assassin, who is described as a narcissistic heartless man. But he finds Lloyd a perfect candidate to track down Six, who vanishes in the air without a trace. The scene opens wth Lloyd torturing a man in the nastiest way possible.

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He flippantly calls it “flirting”, which indicates he loves doing bad things. Just like a predator plays with his hunt before he kills it. If you haven’t watched the movie yet, take a look at the scene here:

Lloyd Hansen refined antagonism in The Gray Man

According to the remark made by Decider, it seems striking looks of Chris have once again taken over his ugly portrayal.

“Despite the phenomenal effort made to tone down Evans’ sexiness, you just can’t keep this sheer level of BDE down.”

We saw that the actor aced the deplorable role of Lloyd when he chose the most destructive ways to hunt his target. Lloyd brings chaos to innocent people in his relentless pursuit of Sierra Six. However, his words to address things are enlightening, making people fall in love with him all over again. The result of wrapping him into a villainy image wasn’t enough to cast him down towards hatred.

What did you think of Chris Evans’s Lloyd in The Gray Man? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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